Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Miracles

"Out of difficulties grow miracles." - Jean de La BruyAre

This time of year reminds me that even on the coldest, darkest, most dreary days, there is plenty of warmth, light and beauty all around. Little miracles are everywhere when we need them most. Among them I count all your kind comments, encouraging emails, thoughts and prayers for my family -- they've meant so much to me.

Another little miracle? I'm ringing in the New Year at my childhood home where I'm staying to help my Mom while my Dad gets stronger in a rehabilitation center nearby. I count this time with both of them as an extraordinary gift. I'm fortunate to have the flexibility in my life that allows me to be here for them without any questions or complications. And every cup of tea I share with my Mom at our old kitchen table, every visit to my Dad when I get to see him smile, are treasures that I wouldn't trade for anything.

And even in those moments when my hope fades a bit, when I worry and fret about what's around the corner, little miracles find me. Like this lovely post from Heather at Lost In Arles that artfully reminded me of the countless things my parents did that shaped me into the person I am today. Or this beautiful reflection in Maureen Dowd's column last week that helped me remember that unconditional love is a gift we all can give in the face of suffering. 

And even when grace and hope are almost gone, there is always gratitude. As 2013 begins I'm grateful for so much, including all of you. Thanks for stopping by, for all the conversations and connections. I'm not sure when I'll be back to a regular posting schedule, but hope it will be soon. I miss our chats!

Until then, I'm sending you wishes for a Happy New Year. I hope that your 2013 is full of so many little miracles.  XO


  1. Beautifully said Jeanne. I will keep your father and his recovery in my prayers, I completely believe in their powers! Sounds like the silver lining is getting to be with your parents in your childhood home and there is something (not by accident I am sure) symbolic that you are there to ring in the new year with them. New beginnings, moving forward to good health, much happiness and plenty of love (sounds like that dept is covered)! Thanks for the gift of your friendship, always kind words and of course your wonderful blog! Sending you a hug and an abundance of blessings for 2013....cheers!

  2. What a beautiful post, Jeanne and so hoping your father is better. Thank you for all of the inspiration this year and wishing you every happiness in 2013!!

  3. Jeanne this post and your words are so beautiful! Your image is something Dylan dog and I got to enjoy this morning. As we were sitting in the woods on our favorite snow covered log and I got to see all the beauty before me I knew nothing else mattered at that moment save for the beauty and peace around us. I hope your Dad is home soon and wishing you and yours a healthy and very Happy New Year!


  4. Dear Jeanne. You are going through a difficult time, but you choose to keep smiling, feel grateful and look ahead to better days. Good for you. I know both your parents are so happy to have you nearby in those trying times. Courage, Jeanne, courage. We will be happy to find you here again whenever you return. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. You are in my thoughts every day Jeanne...hoping things are improving a bit every day and as you said, so glad that you can be there to help your parents along the way. Take care and hope to see you soon. :) Wishing you all the best in the coming year - I'm so glad we met and were able to spend time together in 2012! Here's to many more in 2013!

  6. We're so happy to hear your father is on the mend and that you've been able to spend special time with your mother. As the years fly by, we're ever mindful that families come first and that we're blessed to be surrounded by loved ones. May 2013 bring you much joy, peace and health, Jeanne!
    C + C

  7. Dear Jeanne, this is lovely and meaningful in the face of what happens to all of us at a moments notice...grateful is what I strive to me more and more, rather than wanting... I wish you and your dear parents health and happiness in the days ahead, N.xo

  8. Happy New Year to you. I hope your father is continuing to recover. It is special to spend time with family even when the season is somewhat bittersweet. I'm sure you are such a blessing to both parents. I'm a new follower and look forward to more inspiration from you in 2013.
    Cheers, Heather

  9. That was a beautiful post....I hope and pray that your father is doing better. You will be in my thoughts...

  10. Dear Jeanne
    I hope that things are going well for your parents, and that your dad is feeling better. You are so right to savour these precious moments, and to express them so sweetly
    I wish you the very best for 2013, thank you for your lovely posts and kind comments over the past year

  11. Jeanne,
    I've been away, so just noticing that you're caring for your parents right now. That is an amazing gift to give them and I'm sure every cup of tea, every conversation will be treasured by you all.

    Wishing you all good things in 2013. And, I do count you among my blessings!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. what a lovely lovely post to brighten my day! i am so happy your eyes are open and taking in the beauty of imperfect, unfortunate circumstances. i get it.

    sending light for you and your family and feeling grateful for the connection to you and your blog.


  13. Hoping so much that 2013 is a happy and healthy new year for you and your family. 'Out of difficulties grow miracles' - what a wonderfully positive quote to start the year.



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