Monday, December 10, 2012

Candy Stripes

Happy Monday, all. Did you have a fun weekend? The holidays sure are cooking at our house. I'm in the midst of a little party prepping and spent last night mixing up these Candy Cane Cookies from Traditional Home:

I think these pretty candy cane chips could inspire a little peppermint twist on holiday decorating!

Our home has taken on some candy cane hues:

So what's cooking at your house? Hope your week is off to a sweet start! XO

Photos: 1) Traditional Home, 2) My photo, 3) Martha Stewart, 4) Elle Decor, 5) Elle Decor, 6) Martha Stewart, 7) Vakre Hjem & Interiors, 8) British Homes and Gardens, 9) Martha Stewart, 10) Vakre Hjem & Interiors, 11) My photo 12) My photo 13) My photo 14) My photo


  1. We're done with the baking and on to decking the halls this week. Those cookies look yummy though so we may have to squeeze one more recipe in next weekend. Happy Monday, Jeanne!
    C + C

  2. Never met a candycane I didn't love:) I love doing more than just eating them though,I have decorated with them, and they make great adornments on gifts. Have a wonderful day and best of luck getting all the holiday biz done.

  3. your candycane inspired collection is the sweetest. i'm prepping too and feeling quite under the weather so if it comes together, thankyajesus!

    hugs to you.


    1. Oh no! I'm sending happy thoughts. Just found out that my co-hostess for tomorrow is also sick, so I'm crossing my fingers for both of you! Feel better, dear! XOXO

  4. YUM! My problem is that baked sweets are not so popular in my house so if I bake guess who ends up the major consumer!!

  5. great idea using the ornaments with your paperwhites, stealing this ha. Bought entirely too many candy canes this year....thinking they'll be incorporated into cookies from your post. Great ideas...and love that raspberry panel pillow

  6. Is there anything more wonderful and tasty than peppermint?
    Your cookies look amazing, and I am sure your party will be a hit.
    Happy Monday.

  7. I love how elegantly your paper-whites look! I baked most of the morning yesterday and had friends for dinner and cookies for dessert.
    I think I need peppermint sticks now!

  8. Jeanne,
    Your home is looking delicious with all those candy cane hues!! Love the ornaments trimming the paperwhites. Mine are sprouting and I haven't given them any "cover yet".

    Also love your hostess gift idea...I love a cup of hot chocolate at the end of a chilly day and I know you're making friends happy when they get your special blend!

    Merry merry!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Jeanne your home looks so pretty and I want to know how you've kept your paperwhites to a normal size? No cooking yet since I still have projects to finish up for work but next week I'll be in full cooking swing!


    1. Hi Debra, Thanks so much!! Shhh... I'll let you in on a little secret about my paperwhites... the corner grocery a few blocks down the street from me sells pots of pre-forced bulbs. They are in buds when I buy them, I put them in my own pots and they last a few weeks. Once they've bloomed out, I replace them. Usually 2 to 3 times during the season. They are reasonably priced, so it all works out perfectly! One of my holiday tricks! I'm sure your home looks beautiful. Hope you and your family are well! XO

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