Friday, November 30, 2012

What's Your Tree Style?

Happy Friday, all. Anything festive planned for the weekend? I'm so excited, we're getting our tree!

So here's another holiday decorating question for you: Do you decorate your tree with a specific theme or color-coordinated ornaments? Or do you go all eclectic, choosing decorations because you love them or they have sentimental value?

I do love the look of a theme or color-coordinated tree and tried to pull one together one year. Bought ornaments in Paris all with the same color theme. Kept the rest boxed up. By the next Christmas, everything was back on the tree in a very eclectic mix.

Years of collecting. Lots of vintage. Lots of love and memories. Like the lobster ornament I found at Merci in Paris and gave to my husband because "he's my lobster." (Friends reference!) 

Happy weekend, everyone - whether it's well-planned and coordinated or spontaneous and eclectic, I hope yours is lovely. XO

Photos: 1) Martha Stewart 2) Coastal Living, 3) Martha Stewart, 4) Canadian House and Home, 5) Martha Stewart, 6) Martha Stewart, 7) Coastal Living, 8) British Homes & Gardens, 9) Veranda 10) My photo


  1. I just found your blog. I love it. Did you take the photo of the chair, mirror and staircase? So gorgeous.

    I love to use the same ornaments, homemade and old family ones even from my childhood. Each year adding one or two new ones. It makes decorating with my girls full of memories.

  2. Since we do table topper trees we can do themes on them. The husband gets one, me and Dylan dog, his is really cute.

    Enjoy your weekend Jeanne!


  3. I like having an overall theme and color story, but I am also one to buy something sentimental even if it doesn't' totally "go" but if it has meaning that's way more important! This year I hope to add a bunch of oversized acorns to give it a slightly more rustic (but elegant feel)! Hope you have a great weekend, I am finally getting away for a few days of rest and relaxation:)

  4. I love your tree. I love the the one colour trees in commercial establishments,however, the more interesting ones are, like yours, displaying items lovingly collected over the years. The lobster is beautifully made.

    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

  5. you must share the Parisian ornaments with us...and the lobster ha. Trying a small tree this year...who knows how it will turn out. Happy decorating this weekend...we'll be doing the same

  6. I love a tree that has been collected and growing up I loved a bff's tree that had all white doves. I have a small white batting tree that I bought from little augury years ago and I call it my "Charlie Brown Christmas tree. I love them all, all trees, all shapes, all sizes and simple or over the top.

  7. Gorgeous images, Jeanne.
    I am an eclectic girl, and have also tried themed, but I always come back to my vintage and new glass ornaments and ornaments that the children have made.
    Happy Friday.

  8. Looking forward to baking and candy making with the carols blaring this weekend and planning to do the tree in a week. Ours tend to be eclectic as we have collected so many ornaments from our travels over the years. Stay tuned for a post about them! Have a great weekend, Jeanne.
    C + C

  9. Yes, we use our collected ornaments every year, although we can no longer fit them all. So each year a few take the sideline to wait for a reappearance. The kids love bringing out "their" ornaments, all vying for the most visible position. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  10. I love many tree styles, as long as the decor is done thoughtfully :) Your lobster ornament is awesome. Can't say I've ever seen one. And I'm so jealous you have been to Merci. Happy tree hunting. Think we'll get ours on Sunday.

  11. Hi Jeanne!!

    I love your tree and your lobster!!! :)

    I have boxes and boxes of ornament, collected through the years and many given to me by my mother-in-law. Think Christopher Radko and look-alikes. Lots of white lights. And, I've added in musical instruments and angels. I usually stop before it looks too much. At least I think i do, ha ha!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. I'm Jewish so it's a menorah! But I love seeing all the gorgeous ways the trees are decorated! Have a wonderful week!

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