Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time Flies

Does it ever seem to you that time flies faster than the dried up leaves that swirl and skip and dance across the sidewalk whenever the wind blows? I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just over a week away.

It must have been just yesterday that I sat at our breakfast nook table and sketched our magnolia tree in girlish pink bloom.

Today that same view is quite different. No sign of pink. The last few leaves yellowed and barely hanging on. Summer days vanished like the rosy flounce of a dress the tree once wore.

But dotted on every branch, a grey bud with just the slightest hint of green. A promise of light and sun and spring. And those warmer days will be here before we know it.


  1. Beautiful illustrations, Jeanne.
    Time really does fly, and yes, before we know it spring will again be here.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. No matter what color or how bare those trees might be..your gorgeous illustrations are beautiful! Always love seeing your talent Jeanne.

  3. I hope you're right, Jeanne. I hope you're right! Warmer days are still a long way away I fear... but your lovely illustrations gave me hope this morning. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Jeanne,
    You know I was just thinking about the days where I first experienced life as an adult with the time to observe the change of the seasons and to be able to appreciate this is something everyone should be able to do.
    I am so happy that you are sharing your changes, artistically and personally with each of us.
    A dear friend said to me when we bought our home,"Don't touch the garden for one year, get to know the surprises of the seasons" and that was the best advice.
    Enjoy today, I do love the bright bits of gold and green clinging to the branches.

  5. i cannot believe thanksgiving is next week... i wish we could press hold on this time for about 1 month... this is the best time of year... people happy preparing for festivities.... ahhhh we are all so blessed. xx

  6. I nominated your creative and artistic blog for a Liebster Award! It goes to those who have less than 200 followers but whose content is great, and fresh and deserves the spotlight!
    Keep up the great posts!
    Karolyn - The Relished Roost

  7. Gorgeous illustrations - I have wanted a magnolia tree in my garden for a while now and these images have made up my mind - next spring we will buy one!!

  8. even without her dress, she is still beautiful

  9. Jeanne,

    What a lovely distinction you depict of the changing seasons. Both watercolors are stunning.....but you know which one makes my heart sing! Springtime pink! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. And all those buds keep us hopeful that spring will indeed come... But we still need to get through winter!
    C + C

  11. i'm chilled right now...thanks for the lovely reminder of the promise of spring!



  12. Jeanne I had no idea that you are so talented. I love the 1st best...the promise of springtime!
    At first I thought it WAS a scarf!

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  13. So lovely, Jeanne--and so true!
    Wishing you warmth and sun,

  14. lovely pieces. envying your talent! donna

  15. Your paintings are so beautiful. I enjoy every one of them. You are very talented. And I love your writing also. Happy Thanksgiving.



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