Friday, November 16, 2012

Splitting Hairs: Would You Make A Drastic Change?

Happy Friday, everyone! What are you up to this weekend? For us, the holiday party season starts rolling, which means I have an appointment at my favorite style bar to get my usual pre-party blow out...which really isn't much different than my every day hair - long and straight, but with more volume when a pro does it.

I've been wearing my hair pretty much the same way most of my life (except an unfortunate Dorothy Hamill moment and some bad experiments with bangs). I've gone to the same colorist for about 15 years - and we've never changed the color once.

Which makes me wonder, am I in a rut?

Anne Hathaway graces the cover of the December Vogue with her pretty pixie:

A drastic departure from the romantic, princess-y locks we watched her grown up with:

Oscar PR Girl Erica Bearman tweeted a photo of her own dramatic transformation from brunette to blonde:


Admittedly, I've toyed with the idea of going blonder as I get older because I think it would be easier to cover the increasingly persistent grays. But I don't think I have the courage to go quite that far.

And speaking of gray, this week, showcased the transformation of 20-something jewelry designer Malu Byrne as she took chestnut that had just started to be threaded with silver to full-on gray:

So here's my question to you: Would you, did you, ever make such a drastic change to your own hair? Would you take your cut or color in a totally new direction? Do you change hairstyles almost as often as you change your clothes? Have you or will you let the gray take over?

Personally, I'm thinking no to all of the above. A rut? Lack of courage? Maybe. I'd like to think it's more knowing what works and sticking to it.

What do you think? I'm dying to hear! XO

All photos from and Oscar PR Girl 


  1. Actually, I just did a pretty big chomp off my hair! I cut my own, I have never found anyone here that I like and just don't dig the whole gossipy French salon scene. Anywho, I realized that I was wearing my hair in that Garance Doré style topnot 90% of the time so I cut off four or so inches over two times into a messy bob that is slightly shorter in the back. I like it!

    This is no comparison to my New Wave shenanigans in the 80s (I once shaved off too much in rural PA and folks started calling me "son") where my Mom insisted on one rule in our all red-head family: no dyeing! Heehee.

    Have fun being pampered and at your parties this weekend!!

  2. I only once had my hair cut short - never again! Even though I did get compliments, I just didn't feel that it was me. So, like you I don't really do anything drastic although the colour (a lighter shade in the summer)and length varies slightly. I admire people who constantly change their look completely but my hair grows quite slowly so a bit risky!

  3. I am a total chicken....worn my hair the same way last 20 years. Boring I know. I could never go full on 20!!!!! Wow that IS bold. I was born a blonde and will die a blonde (my philosophy) lol. But I do like to imagine me in new styles....its only hair afterall,right! Enjoy your party and do let us know if you take the plunge to do something different!!

  4. While I can't change my fine hair, I can change the cut and color and I love playing around. I have had it short short, white, classic bob....ponytails and perms way back in the day. I think go for it, trust your gut.
    True, we tend to find our comfort cut - I always admired Jackie O. Her hair never dated her. When I look at photos of her I admire her hair and of course her confidence. I think a good cut and color can give that while a bad one can also take it away. I admit to having both.

  5. i'm a natural blonde with highlights (can't stand the grey!) but had an unfortunate experience just before a trip in september. 'lowlights' turned my hair to mousey matte narsty. the worst part? the damage. it's why i have bangs temporarily. breakage! trying to get it healthy and natural looking again.

    i plan to stay on course this time and not get wooed by 'reinvention.'

    smiles, pretty lady.


  6. I have dark brown hair. I am in my fifties now and have gone from 60-70's long waist-length straight hair to shorter and shorter as the years have passed. I now basically wear my hair in a straight side-parted bob. I tried just one time recently the highlights and the hairdresser left the bleach in too long and I ended up with blonde highlights! Yikes, I colored over that within two weeks. One thing I will never do is go totally gray. Never. Not attractive at all.

  7. I have had my hair bleached once, and when I looked up and saw the orange and them yellow locks, I can unglued. I really like my natural (over the gray) color with highlights.
    Great that you have a style bar nearby. I love the idea.
    Enjoy your weekend, and have fun, Jeanne!
    Happy Friday.

  8. The only way we'd go dramatically different is if Tim Gunn told us what to do! People have always assumed we colored our hair and we don't so perhaps we can cheat a little and go lighter...
    C + C

  9. Hi Jeanne!

    Just wanted to pop over from Tina's to compliment you on the beautiful artwork you did :) I think you really captured the essence of what she is all about.

    As for hair.. don't think I'd do anything drastic. Those gray hairs (mine are multiplying!!) are troublesome and difficult to color. My hair takes on those brass undertones so I have to be careful with going too light.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  10. ooo I wish I could be brave about my hair but I am so darn attached to it!

  11. So nice to steal away on a quiet Sunday morning to get caught up with you my friend. I start the 4th week of my French Immersion class tomorrow. I am sorting out my homework strategy for the day, what to bring to the cafe this morning to start working on over a cappuccino or 2.
    A few comments... First, I love the magnolia paintings, and the cycle of life this tree offers {I'm so glad you noticed the buds}. 2. Your hair is fabulous and perfect on you...why mess with a great thing?? 3. Pam's fabrics are so wonderful. I am so happy to have come across a few vintage stripes over here, they are so soft and solid and rich. FINALLY...that auction? Good thing I didn't know about it before, I would have been tempted to skip school for a day to go raise my paddle a few times. I'll bet it was an absolute treasure trove! Please keep all of the great posts coming, xoxo

  12. While I love Anne Hathaway's pixie and I actually think Malu Byrne looks fabulous, my hair, like yours, has been the same long straight style for years. It goes up and down a few inches, but it's comfortable and feels like me. I don't see any major changes in the near future but never say never!

  13. Hi Jeanne,

    This is Terri, can you please get back in contact with me? I lost your email, it was in my junk folder.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

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