Monday, November 5, 2012

From My Palette: Soft Pink and Pale Green Dreams

Hi, everyone. How was your weekend? I spent much of mine painting pink roses - not a bad thing to do when it's gray and rainy outside.  A project called for a border of pale pink flowers so I played again and again with my paints to make sure had just the right shape, style and shade.

When I went to bed, pale pinks and soft greens played across my mind's eye, sending me into sweet dreams.

They recalled memories of a bowl of dutch mints at my Grandmother's house...

And made me want to dive head first into a Ladurée box.

I took to the streets of Paris at that magic hour when the light paints the facades pink...

And found the door to my own perfect pied à terre.

With the closet to match...

When I woke the next morning, I decided that before I started looking at the Paris real estate listings or bought a new handbag or something completely impractical....


Or painted my MINI pink... 

I should find another way to make my pink and green dreams come true.

A little JCrew will do...

Paired with something perfectly practical...

Or not.

Happy Monday, friends! Hope your week is off to a rosy start.

Photos: 1/My photo, 2/ChezJolly 3/The Chocolate Store, 4/Bridal Guide, 5/The Food Aisle, 6/Hailey O'Brian Prints, 7/My Photo, 8/My Photo, 9/Complete Wedding 10/Architectural Digest, 11/Veranda, 12/Martha Stewart, 13/The Paris Apartment, 14/This Is Glamorous, 15/, 16/ 17/ODLR PR Girl, 18/, 19/This Is Glamorous, 20/Net-a-Porter, 21/My Photo, 22/JCrew, 23/JCrew, 24/JCrew 


  1. Jeannie-
    These images are stunning and the perfect way to start a Monday! Your roses are beautiful, full of detail. Isn't it wonderful to be able to express ourselves?
    Happy Monday.

  2. Hello Jeannie

    Beautiful painting of roses.

    We are on the same palette, I am completing a polytych in these colours, in oils.
    Hope your week is special

    Helen xx

  3. What a fun pastel fantasy! :) Have a great week Jeanne.

  4. your roses are dreamy--so pastel perfect!

    what a dream to dream...and think again about painting the mini. think of all the smiles it will bring! (the husband's mini is very circus chic with checkerboard, etc. not for me, but it does elicit smiles).



  5. May I visit you at your Parisian pied à terre? I'll bring the Laduree macaroons ;)
    Love your roses!! -- Loi

  6. Such a beautiful color palette, and beautiful painting. Inspiration is truly all around us...

  7. pink and green-two of my favorite colors--looking so beautiful when you paint! Thank you for all your good wishes--things finally getting back to normal here!

  8. Your roses are just perfect! These two colours go so naturally together and I love the images you have chosen. Difficult to choose a favourite!



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