Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling Enchanted

Hi all, happy Monday. How was your weekend? I want to start the week by sending a big thank you to the lovely Tina at The Enchanted Home. Many of you know and love Tina and have followed along as she built and decorated her dream house. Truly, it's spectacular.

And if that wasn't enough to keep her busy, not too long ago, Tina launched her own online store where she could share her treasures and finds with the rest of us.

Tina shares a love of all things blue and white and beautifully displays it in her home.

When she asked if I would create some illustrations for her business I was thrilled. I knew that together we'd come up with something beautiful, and that I would have a great time doing it. I was right on both counts. Through the process of sending a few emails and scanned sketches back and forth, we came up with two final designs - a hand-drawn and painted monogram and an illustration of Tina's front door.

And, of course, I loved every minute of painting them for her. Thanks so much, Tina, it has been such a pleasure working with you!

If you don't know The Enchanted Home, please go visit her lovely shop and delightful blog!

All photos from The Enchanted Home


  1. Lovely. I love the script and your rendering of her door to her castle.
    Both works are enchanting.

  2. I know Tina and her home and she must be over the moon with your watercolors. Both are really beautiful.


  3. I always knew that you two would be a perfect match! So thrilled that it is coming together. Now, what about a line of notecards for her store? ;)

  4. Jeanne, what a sweet and unexpected post! Thank you so much. Its your talent that made these beautiful illustrations come to truly did a spectacular job and I just love them and cannot wait to "put them to use". It was so much fun, so effortless working with you.
    Many thanks and hope you have a fabulous day.

  5. love that door, so stately. Going to explore her home now, fun

  6. How lovely Jeanne. I agree with Heather. You and Tina sound like the perfect match... and this is what we get when two creative people meet. :-) I will swing by her site later on today when I return to my hotel room. There is a lot to do in the big, big city, and I love every minute of it :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle - exceptionally in New York City :-)

  7. Hi, Jeanne - Your renderings for Tina are wonderful and so thoughtfully done. You've captured the detailing of the front door beautifully.

  8. what lovely work, jeanne! you are such a talent, and you and tina make a killer combo.

    raising a glass to you!

    pop by and go shopping with me in paris, oui?

    smiles to you.


  9. A match made in heaven, Jeanne! You are so talented and Tina was so smart to commission something with you... Love the monogram and nod to Tina's passion for blue and white.
    C + C

  10. Oh Jeanne,
    This is the perfect collaboration!!! You are both treasured blog friends and immense talents. How fun to see you work together to create another level of beauty and art!

    Wishing you the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. Hi Jeanne,

    I saw your drawing on The Enchanted Home. I like your style and I'm looking for a drawing for a web site and wonder if you could please quote me a price. My email address is my name is Terri Hill. Thank you.

  12. This watercolor is very amazing ! It's a great idea to order this to you !

  13. Jeanne,

    I just found you and The Enchanted Home last night. And I was up way too late because of it! You are both so talented!! I just love the illustrations you did for her! I also love how you quite your job and decided to follow your dreams. I always say, "All I really want to do is paint." Maybe some day I will. Until then...

    I agree that you should do a line of notecards for her store. Or MY store, actually (or both). I'd love to sell your work as prints, framed or not. I am supposed to launch next week. Let me know if you're at all interested. Have a great 4th of July.





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