Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decking The Halls

Hi, all! How's the hall decking coming along? Admittedly, it's not looking a lot like Christmas yet at our house. This is about it so far:

But hopefully by the weekend we'll be fully festive. Looking back at Christmas past, things tend not to change much at our house from year to year. The white narcissus, the greens, the blue and white, and the vintage ornaments...  Pulling everything out of the boxes is like saying hello to old friends:

But maybe this year I should break with tradition and update things a bit! 

So tell me, do you tend to revisit the same decorations each holiday season or do you change things up from year to year?

Happy decorating! XO 


  1. I do know what you mean about getting the decorations out of the box being like visiting old friends! Your blue baubles in the blue and white bowl look stunning. We have our favourites on the tree but tend to update in other areas of the house - especially where we have changed the décor during the year.

  2. I am looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new friends too. One is silver and the other gold.....there is something about the holidays that I love, the tradition of certain memories and then adding and collecting. Now more than ever, our son's first ornaments remind me how time flies. I am adding "white" this year to my decor and it does seem to freshen things up.
    I have a sweet white batting tree that I bought years ago from "little augury" and it reminds me of Charlie Brown or times gone by. I plan to make that my advent tree.
    I would love to sit in your sweet home and share a cup of tea or egg nog and holiday memories. Love your blue and white collection.

  3. I add just a few ornaments each year, but I always use the old ornaments. It is such a touching experience, filled with so many memories.
    Your home looks beautiful, Jeanne. can't wait to see everything.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. likewise, do the same every year. This year I'm going to try a few different things. Your table is gorgeous...the cloth and the chair skirts. Perfect spot for a cup of coffee on a winter's day

  5. Looking good...paperwhites are my favorite holiday flower! And of course seeing them in blue and white is sheer perfection!
    I love the greens over the mirror, I do that too and it feels so festive (and smells wonderful)
    Happy decorating Jeanne!

  6. We do love our tried and true when it comes to the Christmas tree but try to shake things up a bit when it comes to the front door! Still looking for inspiration for our wreaths...
    C + C

  7. Love all your paperwhites! I need to get my bulbs out and let them start blooming.

    I have to admit, I revisit some old familiar favorites but move things around a bit. Editing as I go. This year, I'm a little "light" on decor, but maybe once we get the tree in and fresh greenery I'll feel inspired to take it up a notch!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. Your house is so pretty, the paperwhites are gorgeous! Have a great day!

  9. you are off to a fantasticly festive start! We use a lot of the same decorations each year, but I usually add a few, take away a few, modify my theme a little {it is usually more Alpine or Silver Seas}. Franny and I have put up a tree, I don't know if I will share, because it is, gulp, artificial! NEVER thought I would do that!!

  10. i have a few things that don't change, but mostly i like fresh and new takes each year. always the white lights. always some glittery sparkle.

    loving the sweet peeks at your pad.




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