Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Books in Bloom

As I look out the window and see the last few leaves clinging to the branches of our magnolia tree, lush gardens and fresh blooms seem a million years away. But a new book from Carolyne Roehm holds the promise spring in it's pages.

Flowers, a celebration of the flowers grown at Carolyne Roehm's Weatherstone, began as her own personal photographic record of her glorious gardens throughout the seasons. Three years later, her pictures and passion are being published for all of us to enjoy.

"The book for me is a celebration of the beauty of flowers from planting them, caring for them, cutting armfuls of them for the house and of course photographing them," Ms. Roehm writes on her blog. "I started taking the photos because I wanted to attempt to record their beauty, to somehow make it last long after the flowers had gone."

Can't you just smell the lilacs? 

Ms. Roehm launches the book on Thursday at the Delaware Antiques show at Winterthur, the museum created by Henry du Pont at his home in Brandywine Valley with, of course, fittingly spectacular gardens.

If you're already desperate for a little harbinger of spring, Amazon can have it on your doorstep overnight, or, if you'd like a signed copy, you can order directly from Carolyn Roehm's site.

Another recent release to add to the stack on the coffee table -- Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers. True, it's been a few years since I planned a wedding, but I don't think I'll never get tired of paging through pretty wedding photos. And leave it to Vogue to bring us the most gorgeously romantic weddings of all time.

The perfect gift for everyone we know and love who gets engaged over the holidays -- did you know that the majority of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years? 

What books are on your own holiday wish list this year?


  1. We're looking forward to meeting Carolyne in person on Friday (and we'll be posting a Q & A with her then!) and seeing her new book in person. We're huge fans of hers and are excited to have her come to our neck of the woods - especially now that we have power!
    C + C

    1. Oh, how exciting, ladies! I'm so thrilled that you get to meet Carolyne in person and can't wait to hear about it. Have so much fun! Looking forward to Friday's Q&A! XO

  2. I didn't know that about engagements! What beautiful books - that tulip on the front cover looks like a work of art. I have asked for "My Last Supper" for Christmas so I hope it's waiting for me under the tree this year!

  3. There is nothing I love more for Christmas than beautiful design books and Carolyne Roehm's is at the top of my list...gorgeous!!

  4. Hi Jeanne....sooooo good to be back in blogland visiting all my faves. I am a huge fan of Caroyln and her exquisite taste in all she does. I love every single image here and those iconic weddings never get old! Hope you are well..thanks for your kind words and concern. Its nice that the worst is over but sadly still a harsh reality for many. Take care!!

  5. ooooh that vogue book must be mine!

    i so appreciate your kindness and support during this rough time for my family. nothing in the circumstances has changed today and yet there is more peace.



  6. Carolyne Rhome is just amazing, I love her sense of beauty, she really has a special touch. Can't wait to get the book. Oh, those wedding shots, each one is a story. Marvelous images!

  7. Flowers is most definitely on my list along with a slew of others. I am SO far behind in my book reviews - will have to make it a priority in time for holiday wish lists and gift giving!!



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