Monday, October 29, 2012

Light In The Storm

The week is starting with a little gray, gloominess here, and I'm thinking about my friends in the Northeast who are facing some seriously stormy weather. I'd like to send them a few warm, glowing thoughts...

No matter how dark it gets out there, I'm hoping you all get a little bit of glow this Halloween week. Stay safe! XO


  1. Well if this doesn't do it, nothing will, Jeanne! I am so worried about all of my friends too. I hope Sandy moves on quickly.
    Happy Monday.

  2. It is an eery quiet now....and though I am up early, I pray and hope that Sandy has a change of heart and goes back out to sea.
    No school, no trains, no mass transit in the city.....It feels like spooky.
    I pray we have Halloween for the children and safety for all.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful message and glow of warmth on this blustery morning.
    I join you and your readers in prayer for safety.

    Wishing you a glowing week


  4. Jeanne, you and I were thinking the same things in our posts this morning, which doesn't surprise me a bit (although I always like to notice how you and I are so similar but different). I am flat out worried and hope that everyone is careful!!

    I still haven't found a pumpkin to carve so this brought a glow to me too.

  5. Thanks I will take all the glowing well wishes I can! Its a crazy forecast and though its still 300 miles away...the winds are furious, the ocean angry and the rain starting to beat down. Just hope it passes with minimal damage! Going to continue with my blogrounds while I have cable!! Talk soon....

  6. Thank you for your glowing well wishes! The kids are home and the lights are still one. Perhaps the worst won't hit our area... Fingers are crossed!
    C + C

  7. We just carved our pumpkins last night - sooo fun! We are so fortunate to live in this part of the country where natural disasters are rare...I am hoping all goes ok overnight in the east!

  8. hauntingly fabulous. Thank you for a taste of Halloween, I feel quite removed over here. We did find a pumpkin and carved it last night...

    I'll miss all of the little goblins in Madison Park. xoxo ebb

  9. nothing like the glow of candles, and your examples are inspiring even for this halloweeniegrinch...2 urns on the front porch with uncarved pumpkins. period. my neighbors light up their homes for the holiday so i look baaaaaaaad.

    jackolantern smiles to you.


  10. Wonderful photos! I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween already. Hope the kids will still come out with all the debris and downed trees in Washington, DC, where I'm writing from. Love your pumpkins at Pretty Pink Tulips ~ Cheers, Loi

  11. Hi Jeanne,
    This is one pumpkin home! All your decorations and your photos are gorgeous.
    May I ask your help for next year?
    lazy Anne (Playing With Scarves)



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