Monday, October 15, 2012

Five Fall Favorites

Happy Monday, all! How are you? In Seattle, the not-so-nice side of fall has arrived with a vengeance. After weeks and weeks of bright, sunny days, we've suddenly gone gray, damp and soggy. It's enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and stay there until the sun comes back out (perhaps in June sometime).

Since that's not an option, instead I'm looking on the bright side and reminding myself what I love about autumn.

Rainy grays aside, here are five of my favorite things about fall:

Falling Leaves 
A color riot of golds, oranges and reds over head, the way they crunch underfoot, and that lovely earthy smell...I can't get enough autumn leaves, both outdoors and in. 

Wearing Fall Colors
Whether they echo those bright yellow leaves, the pumpkins on my doorstep or the season's more subdued shades, I love wrapping up in autumn's best hues.

As the days grow shorter and the evenings darker, the flickering glow of candles brightens my outlook.

Fall Flavors
Warm hearty soups and savory squashes make cooking at home much more appealing than going out. Which ties in nicely with my most favorite thing about fall...

Hunkering Down 
It may be pouring down rain, but who cares if you're curled up inside with a terrific book? Add a cozy chair, a warm blanket and cracking fire and who would ever want to leave the house?

Rain or shine, I hope you're loving this gorgeous season!

What are your favorite things about fall?

Photos: 1/Street Style London, 2/Vakre Hjem & Interiors, 3/Martha Stewart, 4/My photo, 5/Tommy Ton for, 6/Phil Oh for, 7/Sesame & Lilies, 8/My photo, 9/My photo, 10/Martha Stewart, 11/Martha Stewart, 12/, 13/Borgo Santo Pietro, 14/Country Living


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  2. I have to say I love watching the leaves coming down even though it means they'll land in our yard and we'll have some work to do. We just torched our first wood stove of the year on Saturday and I could have sat there all day watching the fires glow.


  3. I am making my first soup of the year right now!! Sweet potato and carrot with cumin and cinammon, ginger and garlic. Who knows what else will end up in there? :p

    Autumn is my very, very, very favorite season for all of the reasons you listed above plus (and I know I have mentioned this before) just the "back to school" newness of it--all of the new designs, restaurant and art openings make me sooo happy!

    1. Heather, that soup sounds divine. I wish I could pop over for a bowl! Save me some? Glad to hear you are reveling in fall. Now that I'm getting used to the puddles, I'm loving it, too. XO

  4. Your post is beautiful. I love the first image.
    We entertain more, it seems, in the Fall and this week we have a lovely mix of adults and children coming. Mac 'n Cheese and Lasagna is on the menu.

    See if you can wheedle Heather's recipe for that delicious soup.

    Candles and cups of tea cure all forms of the blues

    1. Hi Helen, We're having friends over this week, too, and lasagne is also on our menu! (Mac & Cheese is tempting, too!) Hope you have a wonderful time. Yes, I do think we need to get Heather to share her recipe! XO

  5. You hit my top picks - I love being able to wear scarves again and cozy up with a good book. :) As much as I love outdoor entertaining, I also like the change of moving things indoors again. It was great enjoying the morning with you guys yesterday! (and, the Canal House book is positively lovely - you shouldn't have but I'm so glad you did. :))

  6. You just made my morning with all these cozy images! I love, love fall and in addition to everything on your list I love wearing boots, apple crisp and decorating my home for fall.

    Hosting a dinner party this weekend so have to get busy on my table scape!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: Love that you have not only been to Giverny, but have painted there. Amazing!!!

  7. Such gorgeous images, Jeanne! I think that you are lucky to have the cool and rainy weather! Oh to have a day like you have described here.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Having spent so many weekends cheering a crew team by a river or lake, we're looking forward to some quieter time, hunkering down and making soup, too. Sometimes the rain is a blessing... Hope your weather begins to clear this week!
    C + C

  9. I love the light but then I also love the dark and moody light too. What I love most about Fall...the root veggies, roasting chestnuts, thick stews, walks in nature, the falling leaves, all the bright colors followed by wintry back in school...more time for me to focus on my work....and finish projects that need my full attention!

  10. Gorgeous and all the reasons I love fall. Even the damp dreary weather does not bother me in the fall......and love hunkering down. My absolute favorite kind of day, give me a great book, a comfy chair, a cell phone with no battery left, comfort foods and a warm blanket....I am set for the day!



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