Monday, October 8, 2012

Finding Gold In The Canadian Rockies

Hi all! How's your fall so far? Ours got off a golden start in Canada's Baff National Park where the mountains glowed with bursts of yellow aspens and ocher larches, beautifully reflected by turquoise lakes.

Have you ever been to Banff? It's gorgeous. Dramatic peaks sliced by icy glaciers, waterfalls feeding the river valleys and a thick velvet carpet of evergreen forests. The air got a bit thin as we hiked to 9,000 feet, but it was the brilliant golden hues that took my breath away.

What fall colors are popping in your neighborhood? 


  1. What gorgeous photos, did you take them all yourself?

    1. Hi Vanisha! Thank you, yes these are my photographs. I'm so glad you like them. XO Jeanne

  2. I have been to Banff and absolutely loved it. Remi and I did a story on the "Glacier Highway" and went from Banff to Jasper. In all honesty, I think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in the world--for you to have seen it at this most gorgeous season must have been incredible!!

    No colors popping here yet...

  3. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving at Banff National Park.

    Your photos and description are so accurate and beautifully describe this magical place.

    I have been to Banff and Lake Louise and I recall my first experience of visiting this area. Nobody, no photos had prepared me for the height of the mountains nor the vastness of the area. It truly must be seen and to think you are seeing it at this time when Autumn is in its glory is nothing short of spectacular.
    Enjoy every minute


  4. Welcome Back! I have missed your gorgeous posts but this made up for it. Amazing photography Jeanne!!! I remember how turquoise the water was when we were there - just unbelievable. And, you'll learn when you meet her this weekend, that our dog was named Jasper after a very inspiring trip there. Looking forward to hearing more on Sunday. :)

  5. Never been....but wow is it ever beautiful!!
    We are not nearly in the full range of colors yet, its just starting and the little I am seeing is just gorgeous.

    To me, everywhere is its most beautiful as the season changes from summer to fall. Welcome back!

  6. Lucky you - I ADORE Banff - and Jasper as well. Years ago I went across Canada by train - a beautiful trip with stops at these two beautiful locations on the way.

  7. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I have always wanted to go there. It is stunning.

  8. gorgeous darling friend... cant wait to hear all about it... glad you are back safe and sound...xx

  9. ooooooohhhh the aspens. aren't they magical?!

    some close friends honeymooned there but we have never been. your photos are divine.

    5 days, baby.


  10. Sadly, many of our fall colors have been muted given our hot summer and now it's raining cats and dogs! Hoping for some golds, oranges and reds soon. Welcome back!
    C + C

  11. Welcome back!!!! What stunning photos of your trip to Banff. I've never been, but have had it on my list for many, many years. I've never been anywhere in Canada. Pathetic, I know.

    It truly felt like fall today...and yes, as Carolyn says above, we've been in a "Seattle" type weather pattern lately.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. Wow...what beautiful images and the leaves are amazing. We have had heavy rain and cold weather today...Banff is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!



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