Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doing My Homework: Luxembourg Lion Study

Happy Wednesday, everyone! How's your week so far? No complaints here!  You may have noticed I've been posting a bit less frequently of late. I'm taking a few classes and workshops, which means regular homework assignments. Do you remember the last time you had homework? Anyway, sketchbooks, collages, and watercolor studies, along with a few client projects, are taking a chunk out of blog time.

Messy desk, clear head? 

One assignment this week was to make a monochrome value study of a subject we'd like to paint. The idea is that taking time to focus on the just the relative lights and darks in an initial sketch helps create clarity around how the final painting should come together.

For my subject matter I chose one of the lions that stalked me around Paris last spring...

I'd love spend a bit more time with him, so hope one of our assignments for next week is to take what we've learned from our studies and apply it to a final painting.

I'm also hoping to return to a more normal posting schedule in a few weeks!

What's keeping you busy these days?


  1. Jeanne your lion is fabulous! As for what's keeping me busy is outside work, getting ready for winter and my business but it's all good!


    1. Glad you like the lion, Debra. Hope all of the winter preparations on your property wrap up soon so you can enjoy a little time by the fire! XO

  2. I know that you are enjoying your classes, Jeanne. I took several art class a year ago, and the monochromatic lesson was one of my favorite, and my finished works are my favorites too.
    Keep us posted on your work. You are very talented.
    Happy Wednesday.

    1. Thanks Teresa, you are very sweet. I don't know what it is about the monochrome paintings that are so much fun, but it's been one of my favorite projects, too! XO

  3. You are just sooo talented...I could see you doing big things Jeanne! (and happy to be working with you I might add). Just taking classes and broadening the mind, its so important.

    1. Tina, you know I am having so much fun with your project! Glad the homework is done for the week so I can get back to it! XO

  4. Wait, are you working with Tina on something? Didn't I suggest that like a million months ago? :) Yippeee!! A perfect match.

    And Blog Less, Live More! We will all be here faithfully.

    1. Yes, dear Heather, Tina and I are collaborating and having the best time. :-) Live more, blog less - love that! XO

  5. How fun to be taking a class and have homework; our homework involves making sure our boys do theirs!
    C + C

  6. I love your kind of busy! I am keeping buys working on some Fall curtains (yes, I know that soon it will be winter but I'm inspired :)) as well as a few other home projects that I've been thinking over. I love your rendition of the lion - that is the symbol of Bavaria so they hold a special place in my heart for that reason too. Beautiful work Jeanne!

  7. Hello Jeanne,
    Thanks for following my blog !
    Yours watercolors are so nice to...



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