Friday, September 21, 2012

You're Invited: A Farewell To Summer Soirée

Happy Friday! Well, this is it. The last official day of summer. I know we've all had one foot firmly in fall since Labor Day weekend, but summer - once she arrived - has been so gracious and lovely and warm. It's going to be hard to say goodbye.  So will you join me in once last celebration to say so long to the sunny season? 

How about something in the garden? Here's the invitation:

The location? Any sunny spot will do...

But since we're dreaming, how about the gardens of the Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany?

Or Versailles would be appropriate, perhaps?

I'm picturing tables hidden in hedgerows and on terraces...

Roses everywhere...

Especially on the table top!

Even the place settings will be in bloom.

We'll serve tea, of course. But what I really want is one last glass of rosé--and to toast the fading light, a glass of pink champagne.

The food? Our favorite summer flavors at their freshest. Peaches, tomatoes, watermelon....

And lobster rolls. Not typical fare for a garden tea, but I can't let summer end without just one more.

For dessert? Peach Shortcake, please!

Or maybe a cake as pretty as summer.

What to wear? A floaty dress to match the garden...

Grass green shoes.

Hats are optional, but suggested.

For fun, what about a final round of croquet on the lawn?

Hope we'll find our way to many more summer parties in the years to come!

What will you miss most about the season?

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  1. Your party sounds wonderful and the perfect way to say good~bye to summer. I'm going to miss sitting on the front porch reading and watching the world wake up in the mornings and all the leaves on the trees, they're already coming down.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Count me in! You had me at Tuscany or Versailles but sealed the deal with rose and lobster rolls:) Sounds wonderful.....blogger conference next year?

  3. Yes on the blogger conference and every single image and notion you offer here! xo ebb

  4. such eye candy, thanks for the mental vacation

  5. I just felt a tear streaming down my cheek as it does seem parting is such sweet sorrow....but then again, cashmere, stews, rich tawny ports, fires and boots are something I anxiously await.
    I do love how blogging can offer up all seasons as inspiration and a form of dreamy escape.

  6. You're not kidding. The last day of summer. Sigh. I will be happy to join you at your party, wherever it may be, Jeanne. This will be an elegant affair, I can tell, so off I go to the mall to pick a new dress (no fleece, I promise :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. We will miss coming home and lounging on the terrace with no homework to review! Love your beautiful tea party today and wish we could join you. Happy weekend, Jeanne!
    C + C

  8. What a lovely bit of escapism!I would be happy in any one of those locations and your illustration is so pretty. So much to admire here especiallly the china plates. Great party!

  9. oh my! i'm stuffed from this delicious fare!

    apparently i am one stubborn gal resistant to welcome fall since i will be leaving in a few hours for the dessert and heat of arizona!

    i love your art, jeanne!


  10. Sounds fabulous.... I'll be there. :) Love your illustration!

  11. What will I miss? Nothing! ;) I am so very, very ready for autumn. But I am bummed that I didn't make it to the beach once...and would give one of my eyeteeth for a lobster roll.

    Thank you for the gorgeous dream, Jeanne!

  12. I welcome Fall but I know I will regret saying that after a few months of rain. :) I love the idea of a farewell to Summer Tea...sounds like, from the comments, a Seattle bloggers conference is in order and we can pull in several from elsewehre to attend - maybe a project for you and me next year? :)



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