Thursday, September 20, 2012

Traffic Stopper

Pam at Red Ticking has the sweetest little chair her shop window right now. Every time I drive by it turns my head.

My Illustration

One of these days it's going to cause a fender-bender. I love that it looks like it's wearing blue and white striped pajamas and that Pam has piled a stack of blue books on it's seat - Canal House Cooking Volume 1: The Good Life.

Bringing home stray chairs used to be a habit of mine. We really don't need any more and Mr. H. asked me to stop. But this little guy is so tough to resist.

Hope someone gives him a good home!

Have you done any window shopping lately? 


  1. I completely agree that chairs are the shoes of the furniture world. With your love of blue and white, I think it is taking a LOT of strength on your part not to bring it home.

    Or maybe you blogged about it because you knew that we would all encourage you to buy it? ;)

  2. Ha! Heather perhaps you're right. I'm crafty like that! XO

  3. he definitely needs to go live with you... tee hee...
    i adore this painting... and you my friend. xx

  4. Good I am not in the hood, I could easily be subject to a rear~ending if I were gazing at that chair! LOVED your Ina post, so many friends have been talking about her appearance. Also, the dahlias, so magnificent this time of year in the PNW. xoxo ebb

  5. I love the chair and your beautiful painting!!



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