Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scene Stealing Glamour At Barbara Tfank

Imagine a Slim Aarons photo of Café Society swans or a cocktail party in an episode of Mad Men. Glamorous ladies, impeccably dressed in an equally glittering setting.

Designer Barbara Tfank brought these scenes to life with her Spring 2013 collection shown in an elegant uptown apartment, conjuring up a cocktail soirée where the ladies escape to the bedroom to powder their noses, a candlelit drawing room before a dinner party, and an afternoon tea on a lush green terrace.

Iconic photos by Slim Aarons inspired the designer, with their exquisitely attired people, utterly relaxed, kicking off their shoes and reveling in the moment. "He wanted to see the beauty in life and that's what I set out to do as well," she said.

For all their retro-chic, these were actually clothes for real life, with emphasis on Tfank's signature simple, flattering silhouettes and the dazzling fabrics that make her a favorite of the First Lady.

Mrs. O. even wore one of her creations to meet The Duchess of Cambridge.

It's not too surprising that Tfank creates scene-stealing clothes - she started as a Hollywood Stylist (Remember Uma Thurman's turn in lilac Prada at the 1995 Oscars?) and went on to be a costume designer before starting her line in 2001.

Come spring, I think I'll be looking for an elegant invitation to wear something beautiful.

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  1. jaw dropping...the clothes and the apartment. Wow

  2. Such exquisite clothing!! I tried on a Barbara Tfank dress at my favorite shop in Charlotte this summer. Long, green background with roses on it. It was a stunner!!

    How fun to learn she started as a Hollywood costume designer...had no idea!

    Happy mid week, Jeanne!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Talk about scene stealing....I had such joy the other morning at our local green grocer witnessing 2 young ladies with what may have been their Auntie and they were the epitome of feminine grace. On had on a lace top, the other a sequined peter pan collar and they smelled so sweet.
    I felt like I was way underdressed (in my walking attire) as they stole the attention (especially of all the stock boys.)
    Time to add some scene stealing Glamour to my day!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. What gorgeous clothes and an amazing apartment...WOW, Jeanne!!

  5. Joli. Classique. Belles lignes. Couleurs chatoyantes. Une reussite. PS: This is my early morning attempt at becoming a fashion critic as I sit in front of my computer, coffee in hand, and dressed in my best suburban mom "walk-the-dog" outfit :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. Not only is the clothing line beautiful, so are the room! I love classic chic, and this is a perfect example.
    Happy Wednesday.

  7. We remember the days when we showed our collection in our mother's upper east side apartment but we were never so glamorous! These are so ladylike and wearable and perfect for a spring soiree.
    C + C

  8. Just gorgeous! how elegant it is, what a beautiful throwback. That is my personal favorite era for dressing.
    Thanks for sharing.......

  9. I love how her beautiful creations play off that gorgeous apartment, and vice versa! Happy Wednesday Jeanne!

  10. I LOVE Barbara Tfank - even though I don't love the idea of adding yet another show to my fashion week agenday, I think I may try and go to the fall show in the spring.

  11. So beautiful...
    Lovely era for fashion,
    and I am loving that green dress, so gorgeous.



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