Friday, September 7, 2012

Everything's Gonna Be All White

On Labor Day the lovely Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips posed the question: "Do you wear your whites year round?" I had to smile. A confession - when I pulled my perfect pair of white jeans out late last spring, I found they didn't fit. They must have shrunk in the dryer, right?

And for the rest of the season, I worked to get myself back into those jeans. Until last Friday when I tried them on for the 100th time and...they fit. Hip, hip hooray (literally)! And you can bet I'll be wearing them long after Labor Day. I do love fall, but it's sunny and in the 80s here. In June we were wrapped in sweaters and splashing around in rubber boots. Can you blame me for not being ready to say goodbye to summer just yet? Putting away the whites right now would just be...wrong.

White is just too good to pack away. So while the sun is shining, I'll be wearing my favorite Little White Dress for date night. As the days get chillier, I'll pair my white jeans with a bright cashmere sweater and leopard flats. And, yes, I'll keep the cool, the calm, the peace, the softness, the elegance and sweet dreaminess of white all year long.

How about you?

Images: 1/My illustration, 2/Looks Like White, 3/The Sartorialist, 4/Maison Blanches. 5/Jump With Me Baby, 6/Kwestiamaku, 7/This Is Glamorous, 8/Jessica and Holly, 9/Bridal Lounge 10/The Coveteur, 11/The Coveteur, 12/Maison Blanches, 13/Vogue, 14/Lace Petal 15/British Homes and Gardens, 16/Vogue, 17/House Beautiful, 18/The Coveteur, 19/Elle Decor, 20/Tabac Blond, 21/This Glamorous, 22/The Sartorialist 23/This Is Glamorous


  1. Oh, you are so good Jeanne. I had the same problem as you at the beginning of the season, but I was not as brave as you were: I went to the nearest JCrew boutique, and got a [slightly] larger pair! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. ... Oh and needless to say, I LOVE the Frenchie shot! :-) That made my day! V.

  3. I am walking daily and trying to be more accountable for my calories too. Although summer might be ending....I really never want to say goodbye to whites.
    Winter whites are always fresh~
    love all your images!

  4. I am wearing white - all year around (I am a light craving Swede after all!). Wihooooo - for getting into those jeans again! (Mine shrunk too...!)

    Happy weekend!


  5. Why is it that we spend all summer trying to fit into summer clothes and now we're heading into fall?! It's a balmy 84 here today and white is still in our wardrobe... Happy weekend, Jeanne!
    C + C

  6. I really adore winter whites. Just a tiny shade off of true white, I remember the year I met my late husband and flying out to San Diego for the holidays.

    I wore a winter white wool cuffed pant, a winter white silk blouse, and matching angora long open sweater. I felt like a princess coming off the plane.

    Art by Karena

  7. Such lovely white images - the gorgeous macarons and the room with the amazing sea view. I'm certainly a fan of winter white and cream especially with camel for autumn.

  8. you've inspired me in 20 ways. not ready to say goodbye to summer. love white all year long (we're totally renegade, aren't we?). and now i am compelled to drape my shihtzu with bling. really. love that.

    beautiful artwork, talented lady.


  9. First-
    Congratulations on losing the extra lbs!
    These images are gorgeous. I would wear jeans for a while longer, just not the shoes.
    The chandelier has me drooling, as does the chandelier.
    Happy Friday.

  10. gorgeous post... and let's keep on rockin the whites! xx

  11. I wear my white jeans (I have at least 5 pairs - all different styles) well into September until it just no longer feels right. Did you see the Wall Street Journal piece earlier in the summer about white jeans? It showed Emmanuelle Alt in the winter with white jeans and boots and she looked great!

  12. I agree, I love white jeans tucked into boots; dark brown, black, name it! Check out Liza's post (Nashville blogger friend) about wearing white after Labor Day.

  13. Hello Jeanne

    A delightful and fresh post. Well done on loosing weight and fitting into those beautiful jeans

    When I see boots and fall clothing worn when it is 90 degrees I cannot help but remember my mother's words:

    "Common sense must always prevail and don't ever stop thinking for yourself"

    so on that note you know white remains in my wardrobe.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  14. I'm with you Jeanne...let the weather be our fashion guide, not the calendar! I've had several pairs of jeans shrink in the dryer - still working on getting back into them. :)

  15. LOVE this post and absolutely love white, white anything. It is my favorite color to wear so its a little hard to say bye to the whites when its still hovering around 90 on some days here!! I say throw the rules out the window and just wear what you love and are comfortable in!



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