Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreamy Shops: Sesame and Lilies

I could wander on the beach, hunt for seashells and play in the surf all day. But tide pools aren't the only wonders to explore in Cannon Beach, Oregon. So whenever we visit, taking a break from the breakers to check out what's new at Sesame and Lilies is always a must. 

Packed with all kinds of treasures from new and vintage furniture, to treats for the pantry, lovely jewelry, candles, books, pillows and bedding, and even a few well-edited pieces of clothing and shoes, you can find everything you need to decorate a life at the beach - or bring a bit of the beach life home with you.

Jay and Diane Speakerman opened their first store in nearby Gearhart 15 years ago and added the Cannon Beach location in 2005. Much of the lovely art around the store is the work of Diane, who holds an BFA in fine Arts and Graphic Design from Colorado State.

The artist's dog, Lily

Diane's passion for antiques and the natural world can be seen in every corner of the store. Vintage blue and white, Ironstone platters, shells, and other natural curiosities are beautifully styled to inspire. 

"If my decorating choices were pared down to two items, they would be an antique and something from nature," Diane says, explaining that vintage pieces and natural treasures bring integrity and intrigue to a room, "reminding us of Victorian days when the world and nature were mysterious and travel was slow and difficult."

 All photos from Sesame and Lilies

"Be creative with the things you have and love along with a few select found natural elements and you can create your own special statement," Diane says.  

Sounds like a beautiful way to live to me. 
Sesame and Lilies also offers interior design services. And if a trip to the Oregon coast isn't in your near future, their website includes styling and design tips.

Have you brought any bits of from the beach back to your home?


  1. 2721 aWhat is it about beach shops? They always have the most unusual inventories, and are usually so quaint.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely shop.
    Happy Tuesday, Jeanne.

  2. Oh my, I would lose my mind there--everything is so tempting! I especially love the nautilus shells and the chendeliers in the first photo. Thanks for a bit of dreaming, Jeanne!

  3. We would sure have fun shopping together, Jeanne. Love following along and seeing so many beach beauties!!

  4. Even though I have been to Cannon Beach many times I don't know this store so thanks for the introduction! I agree with her - an antique and something from nature are definitely key things in any room. I have brought back shells, rocks and pinecones from various trips and I love the memories they invoke!

  5. Well, I know what boutique I will visit next time I stay in Cannon Beach. Thank you Jeanne! :-) My house has so many nautical-inspired objects already, I probably don't need more, but how to resist? On another note, thank you for your visit today. I wonder how many of these beautiful things will end up in the Snohomish antique shops I just blogged about ? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. what a neat place, love the styling. In particular the popcorn berries nestled among the shells

  7. Jeanne, I have been wanting to visit your blog so many times - but I never seem to get "out" much nowadays!

    I would also have whipped out my camera at that lovely store. Many pretty vignettes and tons of inspiration.

    My kids collect heart shaped rocks from mother nature (I keep them on a large zinc platter). They have come back with quite a few from the beach!

    ox, Mon

  8. Hi Mon! Thank you do much for stopping by! I loved your post on Design Chic today.

    I collect heart shaped rocks, too, and actually found a couple on the beach this trip. I keep them in a blue and white dish on my dressing table.

    Hope your kids find a few more this summer! XO

  9. That shop looks dangerous to me, so many things I would have brought home. I didn't bring anything home from the beach this summer but plenty of great finds from the forest and a few heart shape stones of my own from Dylan dog's beach.


  10. what a dreammmmmmy shop!

    love that painting of lily.

    let's hang on to this beachy vibe for as long as we can!


  11. what an amazing assortment on marvelous items! I love the Oregon coast, but the last time I was there they certainly didn't have chic shops like Sesame and Lilies. Thanks for sharing.

  12. That shop looks right up my alley! And Lily looks just like my dog, Bailey :) Glad I found you via your comment on Nancy and Bethany's "5 Things!"



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