Friday, August 3, 2012

Cocktail Friday: The Bomb

Here's to Friday! What are you celebrating this weekend? Looking for the perfect sunny cocktail for raising a glass?

Last Saturday, while lounging in the sun by the lake, I started wondering what would happen if you used Limoncello instead of lemon juice and sugar to make a French 75. The results were delicious! And since the Limoncello adds an extra kick to a drink that was named after a French 75mm shotgun, we decided to call our Italianized version "The Bomb."

 Here's how to mix one up: 

Shake 2oz of gin 
With 1 + 1/2 oz ice cold limoncello
Pop some Prosecco to top up
Add lemon zest or some basil to garnish
Be warned, it packs a wallop! 

Cheers and happy weekend. XO


  1. Three favourites of mine so I'm sure to love this - thanks for the suggestion. I'm enjoying catching up on my favourite blogs - I seem to have been away ages!

  2. Sounds good....and tasty! LOVE that limoncello picture, could see that framed and hanging up on a wall!

  3. Jeanne-
    Will be putting this to the test this weekend! Looks amazing.
    Happy Friday.

  4. One week ago, I had the loveliest little glass of Limoncella....after was such a summer treat.

  5. THE BOMB. holy yum. i made lots of homemade limoncello last summer and still have some left to give this a whirl!

    have you made it? it's the easiest thing in the world, but the waiting is brutal.


  6. Michele, I've been thinking about making some to give as Christmas gifts this year - guess I should get on it if it takes awhile! I though everyone in the Seattle area would appreciate a little bottle of sunshine during our long, gray, damp winters! After making this little cocktail last weekend, I intend to keep our freezer stocked with the golden stuff! XO

  7. would love those paintings on a set of notecards to give a hostess along with some limoncella....are you considering selling your pieces?

  8. Thanks Jennifer! Yes, actually I am selling my work. I haven't quite gotten a "business" up and running yet, but have already taken a few commissions over the summer. Hopefully will be able to get myself organized and make it easy for people to find/buy from me over the next few months. Thanks so much for asking! Have a lovely weekend. XO

  9. Ah, your last comment made me so happy. Commissions! Yay!

    This looks a little too dangerous for me to try however...

    Bon weekend!

  10. We love drink experiments and after having o explain way too many times how to make a Negroni to clueless bartenders, perhaps we should change our summer drinks! Cin, cin and ciao...
    C + C

  11. One of my favorites!! And of course such a charming drawing!! Hope all is well!

  12. Sounds like a perfect sumer your artwork!



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