Thursday, August 23, 2012

Books To Love: The French Dog

"The best thing about a man is his dog." -French Proverb

I know that many of you live in France...if not in reality, then perhaps, like me, in your imagination and heart. And a few more of you are even crazier about dogs than you are about all things French. 

My Illustration 

In fact, one friend always photo-stalks Paris pups whenever she visits the City of Light (you know who you are). 

So I'm sure you'll love this book I stumbled on at one of my favorite Cannon Beach stores, Sesame and Lilies: The French Dog.

Animal photographer Rachael Hale captures charming chiens of all shapes, sizes and varieties--elegant city dogs, rugged country dogs, and posh pets living the life at grand chateaus. There's plenty of interior eye candy, gorgeous countryside photos and beauty shots of charming villages and Paris, mais bien sur. The only disappointment? Some of my favorites, Ghetto, Gibson and Ben, did not make appearances. 

Can you stand it? Those eyes. That lavender. Love.

U.S. readers can find the book here. And for you Francophiles who are more Cat People, Rachel Hale has you covered, here.


  1. even their dogs are cool! Love your illustration, so expressive. Pen and ink or graphite?

  2. Hi Jen, I used pen and ink on that one. And a little bit of blue watercolor wash for Hubert's cast-- he was a pup we met in a Paris cafe who's leg had been run over by a taxi, poor guy! He was in good spirits, though!

  3. This is so funny Jeanne: A girlfriend found this book at a San Diego resort and gave it to me "as an early Christmas gift" just two days ago! :-) I must say I agree with you. It is a must-have for dog lovers (and francophiles.) My favorites, of course, were French bulldogs, and the book includes excellent shots of cute "Frenchies." Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. those pups, one of my favorites of your your pen and ink. Poor Hubert

  5. so cute...will have to check out this book! xv

  6. Oh my goodness, you made me laugh with the link, Jeanne because that is exactly what my response was going to be! I imagine that Sharon would feel the same. Can you believe that post is still my very favorite for my whole blog? I shouldn't admit it but it is true...

    I love your drawing, as always. Being a city dog has its dangers...
    Gros bisous,
    Heather & Ben

  7. Dogs almost always make people smile! I'm a lab person myself, so I'd love to have a book just on labs. :)

  8. oh boy i think i must have this one! your sketch is divine!

    smiles to you.


  9. Hi Jeanne, how amazing to come home from holiday and find that Gibson and Ghetto are now international stars!! I told the straight away and they pass on their incredulous thanks!!

    warmest wishes

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