Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue (And White) Monday And A Thank You

Hi everyone! How was the weekend? We soaked in every possible bit of blue sky knowing our sunny days may be numbered. I'm thankful for every single ray of sunshine.

I'm also thankful for the many connections I've made through blogging, and would like to say merci to the lovely Emily at Splendid Market for featuring a thank note I painted for her earlier this summer.

Emily and I worked together at Starbucks years and years go, and we live just a few blocks away from one another, but never met until we found each others' blogs. Emily shares my love of blue and white and is an ace tennis player, so I thought bringing the two together would be a perfect way to send her my appreciation.

A little blue and white always makes me happy. And since it's Monday and I'm a little blue to see summer winding down, I thought some more blue and white might make us all smile.


 My Illustrations

Happy Monday! Wishing you nothing but blue skies all week long. XO


  1. OMG I am in blue and white heaven!!!!! You are sooooooo good Jeanne. Emailing you back, sorry it was a hectic weekend. I so enjoy seeing your creations!

  2. such an appreciation for both traditional media (your painting) and the joys of technology (your blog.) Both bringing people together

    A beautiful series...your blue and white so fresh

  3. blue and white always brightens my day!

  4. Isn't it great how blogs bring people together? :) Your paintings are beautiful and how fortunate you are to have such a special talent to make these one of a kind creations - I'm envious of your abilities!

  5. You know how I love your illustrations, Jeanne. Just gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead as well!

  6. i want a whole book of your illustrations, jeanne. with recipes and tips for living fully?

    the blue and white merci chair is my favorite!

    happy new week, lovely.


  7. Thanks Michele! I love your book idea and what a joy that would be to create. The merci chair is a favorite of mine, too! XOXO

  8. Blue and white is such a perfect combination! I love knowing that you and Emily knew each other in a pre-blog life and have reconnected!

    Your illustrations need to be for sale. You are THAT good!!!:)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. Elizabeth, you are too sweet! Thank you so much! I've actually taken a few commissions over the summer and plan to roll up my sleeves and get to work so that I can spread the word and do more work this fall!
    Have a Pretty Pink week! XOXO

  10. Thank you Jeanne, both for your kind words and your beautiful blue and white illustrations. They are so uplifting and beautiful. I especially love the plate. You have such at talent. xo ebb



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