Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perfect Bite Of Summer: Peach Crostini

You know those summer weekends so packed with sunshine and deliciousness that they're like a perfectly ripened peach? Golden, rosy, sweet and you wish they went on forever?

 My Illustration

On Sunday we stumbled on the perfect concoction for a just such a peachy summer afternoon.

You drizzle a few baguette slices (we used day-old) with olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and brown under the broiler. Let cool, then top with a spoon full of ricotta cheese, a bit more salt and pepper, a few slivers of basil and drizzle with more olive oil. Meanwhile, sauté sliced peaches in a bit of butter and some triple sec. Let cool, then add them to the crostini and dust with finishing salt (we used a smoked gray fleur de sel)

Easy! And they disappear as quickly as a perfect late-July day.

I have a hunch there were a few little things that helped make them so delicious:
  • Really good ricotta (whole milk, hand-dipped and fresh) 
  • Good olive oil 
  • Perfectly ripe farmstand peaches, which my friend Katherine sautéed beautifully, keeping their gorgeous golden color --no browning-- and not letting them get mushy

A perfect prelude to a summer lunch. Like eating little slices of golden sunshine - and they pair deliciously with rosé. Yum.

What tastes like summer to you?


  1. Actually that Domaine Tempier in the last photo would be my pick for my Summer taste! ;) These crostinis look amazing though...

    Jeanne, did you see my post about Wijnand the peace-walker? Trying to spread the word as much as possible...

  2. This looks absolutely delicious and so timely for a summer appetizer.

    Wishing you many more fond memories of summer 2012

    Helen xx

  3. Love this idea! Yum....I am a crostini nut and make them all time, will have to add these to my crostini reportoire.

    Love that last picture!

  4. Jeanne-
    I am drooling over this recipe. How fast can I get to the market?
    Hope that all is well with you.
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. oh my goodness this looks so good. iwas just thinking - this would be great with a light rose! i wanna try :)

  6. have a frig. full of fresh peaches from our local peach farm...now I know what to do with them, yum! Love the painting...equally fresh

  7. Oh, that is so inviting!!! What a great idea to incorporate peaches in a gourmet way to go along with summer sippers.

    Mmmmmm....think I must give this a try!

    Peaches, corn, strawberries, watermelon....all taste like summer to me!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps: Looks like you're having a great time!

  8. makes me feel so boring with the crostini i eat! our peaches have been amazing this year. yum!


  9. That recipe sounds delicious. Thanks so sharing it with us.

  10. oh how lovely! looks as good as it sounds! thanks!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  11. oh yeah girlfriend... you can bring these to the dinner!
    sounds a m a z i n g.... happy weekend... xoxo



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