Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life's A Picnic

Isn't "picnic" a fun little word? So much sunshine and happy packed into just two syllables. Did you know that July is National Picnic Month?

Southern Living 

Sounds good to me! Should we pack up a basket and spend a lazy afternoon eating up summer?

 French By Design 

 100 Layer Cake 

 Style Me Pretty

 Southern Living

 Country Living 

 Jim Hemsley

What's your favorite picnic spot?


  1. National Picnic Month? That is great! July is my birthday month and I love that it's a picnic month too! My favorite picnic spot in Canberra is the Sundial lawn at the Australian Botanic Gardens - it's just across the road from where I live so it's easy to enjoy picnics everyday! I should make more of an effort :) xoxox

  2. Love this picnic... gorgeous shots... xv

  3. those images almost made me forgot how humid it is outside

  4. Well, any of these spots would be fine with me, Jeanne. It is too work where we are, but in the fall and spring I love to find a park or place by the water.
    Happy 4th.

  5. I love that it's National picnic month and we're going to have to get out and have one. We love having one after hiking in the woods with Dylan.

    Enjoy your Fourth Jeanne!

  6. ah, now that is a splendid pickup-picnic! we have a not so pretty pickup, but why not?

    smiles and happy 4th, lovely blogger.


  7. Since having kids, picnics have taken on a whole new pleasure - super easy and stress free and messes are no biggie. So anyplace I can have a picnic is a good time. My favorite in recent memory would have to be on a deserted Portuguese beach on my husband's birthday. It was an unexpected, wonderful surprise for all four of us! :) Happy 4th Jeanne!

  8. I love picnics, too. Right now, I want to picnic just about anywhere OTHER than outside in this heat wave, though. Unless, that is, you could magically transport me to Nantucket. I'd happily picnic on the beach.

    Happy 4th!

  9. I did not know July was National Picnic Month! My fave place: the beach.



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