Monday, July 2, 2012

July: Never Too Much...Good Stuff To Celebrate

Hi all, happy July! Such a fun, bubbly month with so much to celebrate...

There's the Fourth of July, of course. And July 1 marks Canada Day, which we are fortunate to celebrate with friends from the North, plus it's our Anniversary with so many wonderful memories of our Sun Valley wedding.

There's also plenty of cake in July. We'll help friends and family--both young and young-at-heart--blow out various numbers of candles, including Mr. H. on July 9.

Today, July 2, is especially busy for birthdays. My brother and two of my very dear girl friends, Tessa and Dana, all share the day.

Dana has been quick to second me in agreement with dealer John Rosselli's adage, "You can never be too rich, too thin or have too much blue and white." We've added Chanel and Veuve Clicqout demi sec to the list of things you can never have too much of... and so for her birthday over the years I've painted a few of her favorites things.

And of course, I would add brilliant, beautiful, wonderful girlfriends to my "never too much" list -- along with reasons to celebrate with them!

Happy Birthday, Dana and Tessa!

Happy July, everyone. What's on your "never too much" list?


  1. never too much sleep! Enjoy your celebrations, how fun. Mr. Rosselli (and his Bunny) would love that blue and white urn...lovely

  2. Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful July Jeanne. I wish you and Mr. H a Happy Anniversary and a Happy Birthday to him! I can never seem to have to much time with my men at home and thankfully the husband is home all week!


  3. Right now, I'd say time... Is it July already?! We have a busy month of celebrations, too, with an anniversary and three family birthdays. We'll be stocking up on the champagne!

  4. After a week of vacationing, I am struggling to catch the images and happy birthday to your hubby...gorgeous wedding pictures!!

  5. I agree with your never too much list! Wishing you happy anniversary, your husband a happy birthday and you both a very happy 4th!!

  6. I love to paint blue and white porcelain also. It just looks so fresh no matter what. I am just loving your paintings.



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