Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Reading: Gold By Chris Cleave

Happy Friday, all! Are you excited for the Olympics? Any event you're most excited to see? I'm actually pretty interested in Slumdog Millionaire's Danny Boyle's take on the Opening Ceremonies.... and if when/if the Duchess of Cambridge will appear and what she''ll be wearing.

Of course, if you can't find a taxi to take you to London for the games, Etsy has you covered with all sorts of fun memorabilia. Here are a few of my favorites:


And who needs a front row seat to the action when you have Gold by Chris Cleave? The novel centers on two women in the run up to the 2012 London Games. Fiends and rivals Kate and Zoe both compete in the sport of sprint cycling. They share a hometown (Manchester) a coach, and the fact that at 32, the London Olympics may mean their last chance for glory. The two met at 19, but each chose a very different path and set of priorities to bring them to this moment.

I'm only one chapter in, but I'm already hooked. So my main Olympic event may be page turning! 

Happy Friday! Wishing you a golden weekend! XO


  1. I can't wait for tonight! And I will actually be in the right time zone for once!! Remi, my honey, started out as a sports photographer and photographed FIVE olympic games. He says that is more amazing in person that we can imagine.

    Bon weekend, Jeanne!

  2. I'm so excited and these images are the first one!!

  3. We're having a few friends over tonight for the opening games, should be fun. I love all the festivities leading up to the games. I hope you enjoy Jeanne.


  4. my sis is bursting at the seams with excitement so i may humor her and watch some games with her. turning pages is def more my style!

    happy weekend, gorgeous blogger.


  5. I'm most excited about the opening ceremonies tonight - they will have to do a LOT to top China's performance from last time! I knew I recognized that author's name but couldn't place it until I saw the title with the mention of Little Bee. I loved that book so I'll have to give Gold a try! Enjoy your reading Jeanne and have a lovely weekend! Our life is finally starting to calm down around here so I'll be in touch soon about getting together. :)

  6. What great Esty finds!!! Really adorable!! It was definitely a busy opening ceremony. I had to laugh at the actor hitting the same, single note, loved the plethora of Mary Poppins (one of my favorite musicals) and my son has a passion for James loved the Daniel Craig and QE's skit!!!

    Hope you're week is off to Olympic start!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Have so enjoyed watching all the festivities and amazing atheletes do what they do best....its addicting! The book sounds great too....thanks for the heads up.

  8. What a great way to commemorate the games and support an artist, too! The opening ceremony was certainly spectacular.
    C + C



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