Monday, July 23, 2012

Favorite Summer Flavors: Lobster

Happy Monday, all. Did you enjoy your weekend? We had a little lobstah-venture...

Nope, unfortunately we didn't get to go to the lobsters, but the lobsters did come to us!

Living in the Puget Sound region means a happy abundance of fresh seafood, but sadly there are no lobsters to be found in our cold waters. Which makes it a big party the one Saturday each summer when there is a "lobster drop" at Bert's, our corner grocery store. The big tub of live lobsters flown in from Maine hits the sidewalk at 9:30 AM and by lunch time they've all disappeared.

And in the evening there's a collective shriek - steam escaping from shells, not screams - as the lobsters slip into pots all over the neighborhood.

I do love a lobster boil! Any excuse for a summer party and to gorge on butter and lemon.

A table set for a lobster feast always looks so festive - red lobsters paired with corn yellow and creamy citrus shades.

I'd love to pick up this platter for next year's feast. And there's always a perfectly lobster-themed hostess gift to be found. Like the Nezinscot Guild Maine Lobster Kit, coasters from Sesame Press and wine bag from Etsy.

As we wiped the last of the butter from our chins and fingers, it seemed as if we should be able to go for long walk on the beach.

We needed to remind ourselves we were in Seattle, not Nantucket. And the lobsters would be back next year.

Have you had a Lobster Boil yet this summer?

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  1. Jeanne-
    I don't believe anyone loves lobster more than my family and me! Lucky you to have the fresh Maine beauties sent to you.
    These images have me drooling. Love the platter and hostess gift ideas too.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Haven't had one but certainly have enjoyed my share so far this year!!!! LOVE lobster in all its many ways of preparing it, and living near the ocean affords us great choices during the summer especially. Love all your "lobster themed" pretty and fun!

  3. love the idea of a "lobster drop" fun

  4. Alas, les homards are too expensive here in France! So no! But oh how I love them! The best was when Remi and I were doing a story in New Brunswick and had fresh-caught out on the boat! :O

    Bon Semaine...

  5. Oh, I do love lobster!! How fun that your local grocer has an abundance of them flown in. Love that idea!

    Our beach club has a huge lobster boil the week of July 4th! It's the party of the summer!

    Happy Monday!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Lobster is my favorite all-time food! Thankfully they're in abundance around my necks of the woods. We've already had two evenings of lobster and corn on the cob with more to come!


  7. Yes, I attended a clambake in June hosted by one of the partners in my company. We had clam chowder, lobster, steamed clams, corn, baked beans, brown bread and watermelon. I live in Massachusetts but the clambake took place in Rhode Island. It was a very hot day and the food was wonderful. I love all of your lobster photos.

  8. I gorged myself on lobster (and the weird stuff inside that perhaps only people in Maine eat!) when I was visiting, and it's never quite been the same for me since. :) It does invoke wonderful images of Summer though and so glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Hello Jeanne

    I love your post. Lobster is my favourite dinner. The best I have had was in Shediac, New Brunswick (lobster capital of the world) served in a church basement as a fund raiser.


  10. omg i need a lobstah fix!

    i haven't had any since xmas time when i made lobster mashed potatoes for a couple dinner parties.

    holy yum.


  11. What a fun and beautiful post! I was just unpacking and found by big lobster pot filled with all lobster related items. Every time we have a "lobster" party our friends give us the most fun these!

  12. Must say, we had a marvelous little lobstah fest on lobster drop day. A quiet affair {with a very yummy summer salad}. You've inspired me to post it however! Do you mind if I lift your photo from Bert's {it will be properly credited, of course!!}

  13. rats i missed it... well i will hit the clam bar and lunch while in EH in august... cant wait...
    miss you friend... i am back at the ticking this week!!xx

  14. Jeanne,
    I want a lobster now with drawn butter and lemon!
    Fresh corn too please....



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