Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Butterflies On A Garden Path: Valli, Monet and Me

When Giambattista Valli presented his Fall 2012 Couture collection in Paris earlier this month, it took my breath away and then stayed with me, fluttering like a butterfly somewhere on the outskirts of my mind.

It winged it's way back to the surface yesterday and recaptured my imagination as I strolled through a rose garden...


Vali had explained that his mind was on two parts of a garden when he created the collection, "a flower garden and a nympeah."

Which brings the butterfly now floating through my memory to Monet's Garden in Giverny, where I once spent blissful days painting in the artist's allées and under the willow trees.

I remember Frank, our art historian guide, explaining the theory that the two parts of Monet's creation were like two parts of the self: The light-filled-flower garden, a bursting riot of color lining well-ordered pathways--the conscious mind, the public self. The shadowy water garden, with an ever-changing, rippling pond half-hidden by willow trees--the subconscious, the interior self.

What a lovely garden path of art, fashion, flowers and memory to wander down on a sunny summer afternoon.

Happy Wednesday, all. Hope it's a rosy one! XO

Images: 1/Vogue, 2/Giambattista Valli tumblr, 3/I Dream Of, 4/, 5-6/, 7/Georgia Lane, 8/, 9/Claude Monet, 10/I Dream Of; 11/, 12/I Dream Of, 13/Claude Monet 14/, 15/I Dream Of, 16/Prince of Scots


  1. The vibrant color in these dresses are so beautiful! My favorite is the last green dress. Butterflies are so amazing and I love that this designer took something from nature.


  2. Only you could put this together in just this way, Jeanne. Absolutely beautiful. Valli just keeps getting better and better, doesn't he?

  3. What stunning work! I love how you draw the parallels here and I can only imagine how much inspiration Monet's Gardens brought about for you! Have a lovely Wednesday...:)

  4. wow - love how you found just the right things in nature to parallel these dresses!!!

  5. What a stunning collection!!! Anything that comes from Monet's Garden and butterflies is a winner in my book.

    Today, I had the delight of eating my lunch on my patio while a hummingbird and butterfly alternated their turns at my lantana topiary. Gotta love nature. It just can't be improved upon.

    Happy Wednesday!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Oh goodness, such a beautiful post, Jeanne. I love that way you have orchestrated the two.
    Happy Thursday.



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