Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Painting Day

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working" - Pablo Picasso

Has inspiration found you this week?

I think I'll heed Picasso's advice and make sure that I'm hard at work when inspiration arrives -- and not waiting around for it to find me before I roll up my sleeves. 

I'm taking a day or two off to paint, but will be back soon! XO 


  1. Enjoy yourself and your paints, Jeanne. I know that you will find the inspiration that Picasso was speaking of.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. I hadn't heard that quote before, but how true...I love it when people don't chalk up success to just "luck" but rather also acknowledge that success (however that's defined) is also accompanied by hard work! Enjoy your work. :)

  3. Inspiration has found me I've been sewing my little heart out and loving it! Enjoy your painting and I know what ever your paint will be wonderful even if it's simply a scribble.


  4. Hooray! You know full well that all of here are only too happy if you go missing to paint for a few days. :)

    And I know very well that pursuing any art is a matter of commitment (seems to be a theme this week) and showing up day after day after day. You work the rules until you forget the rules, that is how the good stuff happens!

    Gros bisous.

  5. it has been a few days since i painted or created, and i so agree with the advice!

    have a blast.


  6. can't see what comes to you. LOVE pcasso!

  7. Sounds like heaven. I agree.....inspiration comes when you are doing and moving. I would like a little breathing room to implement some of the things I dream up though.

    See you soon!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. Good old Picasso: He knew how to find inspiration! Who would not feel creative when [a young and sexy] Brigitte Bardot leans over your work space? :-) Have fun, Jeanne. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. That is indeed very great advice. I have never heard it before, -- thank you for sharing. Enjoy painting.

  10. Wonderful quote and a very important reminder for me at this time. THANK YOU! You are so very inspirational, so I better get to painting.



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