Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gorgeous Grays

"A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition." --William Aurthur Ward 

Waking up to yet another gray day... but instead of moping, I've decided to make a list of all the gorgeous grays:

 Oyster shells

 Dappled gray

 Gray gossamer gown

 Gray Gracie

 Infinite shades of gray stones on the beach! 

 Grab a gray seat

 Weathered gray shingles

 Sand dollars on the sand

Perfectly pewter Paris sky 

What's your favorite shade of gray?

Hope your world is sunny, whether cloudy skies or blue. XO


  1. Lots to love about gray, I love a soft milky patina gray....thats my fave but I do love it all its many beautiful shades. That last picture of Paris..sigh, makes me want to head over!

  2. Hello there, even on grey day's there is so much beauty. I love all grey but I especially love all the different shades of grey in the sky just before a storm.

    Love all the pictures you have selected, especially the sand dollars.

  3. Oh I want to dive into those clouds!

    I suppose I would chose the palest gray inside of an oyster shell.

    Have a wonderful day Jeanne and thank you for your comments both chez moi et chez Dash...

  4. I think everyone living in the Pacific NW should have that quote framed on their fridge to help them face the day on days like today! :) Given my post from yesterday I'd have to say charcoal gray, although I do love a shimmery oyster gray like you show here too. Stay dry Jeanne!

  5. "perfectly pewter"....have never heard a better description of the Parisian sky, brilliant.

    Saving the Ward quote, love that

  6. Oh I love your grays. I'm such a fan of a soft Swedish gray...so serene.

  7. Jeanne-
    This is one beautiful post! I love cloudy days, but I don't get many.
    These images are just gorgeous. Gray really is beautiful and calming.
    I also love the quote.
    Happy Tuesday.

  8. Well, that's the spirit!!!! I am loving all shades of gray right now. Seems to be my new wall color!

    Here's to you sunny outlook!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. weathered shingles! love that. i love a warm grey that soothes. those french taupey greys.

    no grey here. sort of a toy story sky with clouds that look too perfect to be real.



  10. Jeanne ~ those are some of my favorite shades of grey, so pretty.



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