Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dreaming Of: Summer Dining

On a gray and rainy Tuesday morning, huddled over my coffee for warmth, I'm dreaming of summer dining under warm, sunny or starry skies!

A romantic luncheon for two...

 Chateau de Moissac

Or a dinner under the trees...

 House to Home
Possibly a party on the porch.

Traditional Home

I'm craving pink drinks on the lawn...

 Guest of a Guest

Colin Cowie
The taste of summer flavors...


 Cannelle et Vanille

I want to bring the good china outside...

Style Me Pretty

Place summer blooms on the table...

Martha Stewart

 Style Me Pretty
And watch fairy lights twinkle as laughter carries through the twilight and stars begin to appear...

 Style Me Pretty

 How would you set the table for summer?


  1. raining here this morning as well...your images a great escape. Ordered an electric ice cream maker this week...we'll be ready for outdoor dining as soon as it arrives!

  2. I'm dreaming with you Jeanne since it's pouring buckets here for the fourth day in a row...grrr! I just want some warmth and I would be happy but your pictures make me smile.


  3. Jeanne=
    This is one beautiful setting you have shared with us. I love the flowers and the fairy lights too!
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Just lovely and I wish we had the weather to match! Love the idea of using the good china outside - why not?? It was great to see you last night - I'll be in touch soon so we can set a date to have you guys over when all of our out of town guests clear out. :)

  5. Love your idea of setting the good china out and adding flowers.

  6. Gorgeous post! Planning my brother's engagement party for this weekend - already have the pink drink with limes lined up, and the mix-matched china out, now have to score peonies at the market this weekend! :) Maybe you should come by to soak it up at some point this weekend too...

    XOXO, C

  7. If the East Coast will ever dry out (I know...no sympathy there, right?!) I can't wait to entertain a little outdoors. I'm all about lots of candles and casual fresh blooms. My husband is a mast griller, so I'll focus on the appetizers, salad and cocktails.

    And lots and lots of twinkly lights in the trees!!!
    xx Elizabeth

  8. Oh how I miss having a garden! You really showed the loveliest options here Jeanne (as always) and made me dream (also as always!). :)

  9. Well, you did your best to brighten things up today. See, it worked: I am writing this message at 4:30pm and the rain finally stopped. Well done!!! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  10. yes yes! i wanna break out the good stuff for a party on the porch too. problem. no table and chairs yet. what i liked was discontinued and husband said he will build it...this summer sometime...so i'm thinkin...time to shop again.





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