Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gray, Rose And Lavender

The gray skies rolled back in this week, but I can still smell summer right around the corner... 
Mr. H. 
Our first rose of the season is blooming in the backyard, along with the earliest of our lavender. Is any scent sweeter?
 Aleeka Dreams


If I close my eyes, I can follow the fragrance to a rose-covered house in Provence and spend a warm, lazy, sunny afternoon dining in the garden, gazing at the lavender. 

 Eye Poetry

 Le Pavillon de Galon

 Le Pavillon de Galon

 Telegraph UK

 What smells like summer to you?


  1. Lavender... like you, but ours isn't flowering yet... I can't wait... it is starting to get that fuzzy look as the flowers develop... lots of bees buzzing... Just beautiful...
    Now it is rose time for us and they are gorgeous this year... xv

  2. Monoi oil or anything with Tiaré flower essence in it. Heaven. Or just generic BBQ smell too! Hooray for warmer times...they are coming!

    What gorgeous images you have collected, Jeanne. Perfect to cheer up the very Seattlesque day we are having here. :)

  3. That scent of lavender is unmistakable and soooo wonderful, roses and jasmine..yum! Love the pretty picture you painted......

  4. Right now we have wild honeysuckle blooming everywhere and it smells like heaven! It's the first flower of the season to bloom here and the hummingbirds love it! I wish we could grow lavender here but it's really only an annual in the cold and snow.


  5. I noticed one of the pictures was sourced from "eye poetry" - that is exactly what you did with this post today. It's a lovely post Jeanne - thanks for the escape from the gray! :)

  6. roses, fresh rain... and hotdogs!
    cant wait to see you tomorrow! xx

  7. Great collection, Jeanne. Hopefully this will be enough to chase the rain and clouds away. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. In my next home, I will plant lavender everywhere that I can and fill in with other flowers. I love the smell of the lavender, and the added scent of roses, perfection. Your flowers are beautiful, Jeanne.
    Happy Wednesday.

  9. Small world -- I just posted a story about Lavenders Spa!

    such pretty pics here, especially that one from Eye Poetry.

  10. We're having Seattle-like weather here too and the peonies are yet to bloom. My summer scent would be sunscreen and salt water as I love the beach and can't get enough of it...



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