Friday, May 25, 2012

Faraway Destinations

Happy holiday weekend, everyone! Will you be sticking close to home or traveling to some faraway destination? I thought I'd kick things off with a peek at another gorgeous destination wedding. My friends Heidi and Angel celebrated an anniversary this month, they were wed 15 years ago on the romantic island of Capri.

Don't you just love the retro-chic vibe of their wedding photos? They seem to be from another time...

 Buon Anniversario, dear ones. Wishing you many more happy adventures together!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whether your destination is far, far away or your own backyard. Hope it's a sunny, joyful one! XO


  1. I was in Capri several years ago - a gorgeous island and just perfect for a wedding. These photos are lovely - so natural and what a stylish dress too!

  2. Thank you for taking us away, Jeanne. Beautiful place and wedding. Love to see the happy smiles of newly wed couples.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  3. That is a spot in Italy I haven't gotten to yet, but certainly will sometime in the's too beautiful to miss out on. That wedding looks so great and I agree - if you'd told me it had been your parents' wedding I would have believed you - I love the romance of Italy's days gone by...what a lovely wedding! Have a great weekend Jeanne!

  4. Oh this made me dream just as "my" antiques made you dream!! What a lovely wedding!

  5. You have the most interesting friends, Jeanne, and they get married in the most wonderful places! Wishing you a fabulous weekend and a great Memorial Day.

  6. Beautiful pictures in a unique place. I love it when people ''go back'' to the past. In certain cases, like this wedding, it adds real character. Italy is full of enchanting little places, some more, others less, famous.

  7. the photos are so chic and fun! hoping to get to the beach this weekend. oooooh sand, get in between mahhhh toes.

    smiles to you and happy weekend.


  8. How marvelous! Jeanne, during the month of June, I am dedicating all my posts to weddings, to celebrations, to to have you as my guest.
    Congratulations to your friends and may the memories of their wedding in Capri fill their hearts with love for many years!

  9. These photos are so exciting because the lines of my wedding dress are very similar. I hope I can get some retro-style wedding photos as well. Thanks for posting these!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love the wedding dress.

  11. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe these pictures. So beautiful and nostalgic. I wish I were friends with this couple. How lucky you are xoxox

  12. Yes, I just ADORE the retro-chic vibe of this wedding and photos. It looks like something that could be out of a Fellini film!



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