Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little News: A Big Step

Hi guys! Happy Monday. I'm still here-- haven't skipped off to Paris yet. I didn't mean to take so much time away, but things have been a little wild. In fact, I've got some news...


I QUIT MY JOB! A big step for me. Huge, actually. Exciting and, admittedly, a bit scary.

I've been pretty lucky. When I decided to spend a college summer working as a barista for a smallish coffee company, I had no idea that pulling espresso shots would turn into a PR/Marketing career. But that company turned out to be Starbucks, and a summer job turned into 10 years. Then came Nordstrom. And for a girl who grew up living for trips to the Tacoma Mall with Mom for a new pair of Mary Janes and a Nordy balloon, working there has truly been a dream come true.

But in my heart, something always seemed to be missing. Since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I've loved to draw and paint more than anything else. Nothing makes me happier than getting lost in bringing to life the stories in my head -- my vision of what I find beautiful about the world I live in and in the people I care about. But working long days and putting so much of my creative energy into telling the Nordstrom story, there isn't a heck of a lot of time left to tell stories of my own.

So I've been wrestling for some time with what my next step should be. Should I play it safe and keep my feet on the tried and true path? Or should I veer off and try a different direction where the road isn't so clearly marked?

For better or worse, I've chosen to step forward in a new direction. I have some ideas about where I'd like to travel. But first, I'm going to wander a bit. The plan is to take a few months off to do a lot of nothing before I look for the next something. 

I've still got another week left to wrap things up before saying goodbye to my old life. And then I'll celebrate the fact that I actually made a decision (finally!) with a week in Paris. 

Then who knows what the future will bring?

But I can tell you that my next phase will probably be sooooo much more colorful. 

From where I stand today, there seems to be a rainbow of possibilities out there!

I want to thank everyone who's stood by me all this time. From my friends and family and darling husband who've loved and cheered me on, to all of you readers out there who've left so many, many encouraging comments for me. More times than I can count you've delighted me and brightened my day... Helped give me courage to step into the unknown.

I hope that you'll stick with me to see what happens next! I may be a bit slow on the posts this week as I wrap things up and say goodbye, but will be back chattering away in no time!  XO


  1. Good for you! Its liberating to do something that its in your heart and listen to that voice and just throw caution to the wind and do it! I think you are going be happy you did.....and can I just say it would be amazing to see you do something with your art! You are sooo talented. I love those ballet flats in all the colors, could see those framed and hanging in a teenage girls room! You are a talented lady, who no doubt will find the right path at the right time:)

  2. Of course we'll stand by you!! So excited for you!! I remember when I quit my long time corporate career (17 years) - it was a tough decision because I loved my job but I've never looked back. And I have a feeling, neither will you!

  3. Brava to you for following your heart! I know you will land in just the right spot. You are so right to take some time off and travel--good for you and congratulations!

  4. Congratulations Jeanne you can never go wrong following your heart. We'll always be here for you through thick or thin encouraging you. I know it's a big step for you since I quit a very safe job to become a textile dealer but it all worked out. Enjoy your rest and peace.


  5. This is so exciting Jeanne! I was wondering if everything was ok since you hadn't posted in a bit - now I know that big things were brewing! How exciting - I agree with the comments here - you just can't go wrong if you follow your heart and I know you will make something wonderful out of this next step! Let's get together after Paris - I'd love to hear more. :) Congratulations on a big decision!

  6. Hip, hip HOORAY! Oh my goodness, this news made me SO happy!!! Wow. So there you go Jeanne, you are making your dreams come true. One step closer to the artistic life that you have always wanted. And how inspiring that is! You have so much talent and taste that I can imagine you doing many things but I truly hope that it will involve your wonderful drawings in some capacity. As I have already said, I feel strongly that one day I will say "I knew her when!".
    Brava et gros bisous,
    PS. My Mom worked at a Nordstom's in San Diego for many years--I know what a great company it is and how brave you were to leave it!

  7. Congratulations! As my Mother always says "keep doing what you are doing, keep getting what you are getting." No doubt, you will be "getting" a lot from this new chapter.

  8. We will be waiting here for your next post! We have to follow our dreams in order to be truly happ.
    Have a great Monday.

  9. While I know you will be missed by many at your job, I also know that following your heart is something invigorating. Put on your slippers or flats cause you will be up and running with artwork orders....or maybe even a special cup of mojo!
    Enjoy your travels and your big steps!

  10. Congratulations Jeanne!! I'm so proud of you for making "the move". You are so talented and have such an amazing background, I know you will have a very fulfilling!

  11. How lucky are you to have the opportunity to wander and supporting loved ones to support you along the way! I left an investment banking job to spend some time with my boys and then run a family business and have never looked back. Enjoy the process and every step of the way!

  12. bravo... you know i am sooo proud of you... cant wait to play... xoxo

  13. and the ballet flats? tooo cute for words. xx

  14. Hurray for you, Jeanne!!!

    I do feel a bit of a kindred spirit with you and have to chuckle that it was a Colorful Day for both of us!

    Your drawings always brighten my day!
    Enjoy the transition "time off"!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  15. I am just catching up with my blog reading now after a few days spent with friends and family in the glorious San Juan islands. Well done, Jane, and how exciting for you. It is obvious to all of us here that you have real talent, and a true creative streak. Bonne chance to you in your future endeavors, and before that, enjoy your week in Paris. There will be much celebrating going on, I can tell. A bientot, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: Love your delightful "ballerine" (ballet flats) illustrations.

  16. J - Leaving the comfort of a familiar community is a mix of emotions and I'm so proud of you for taking a risk! It really is thrilling to follow your passion and I am so excited to see the wonderful things you will do (and create!) now that you have made the time. XO Lara

  17. How utterly brilliant - good for you! It takes real bravery to follow one's heart and dreams. Looking forward to see where life takes you next - I'm sure that it will be magical. x

  18. WOW! that's so great...good for you, I'm sure you will never regret this decision! excited for you and where this journey will take of luck!Congrats! xx



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