Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soaking Up The Season

Hi all! I hope you're not bored to death with the Paris posts. Today, Vogue.com highlighted designer Vanessa Seward's picks for soaking up spring in the City of Light -- of course, I felt like she made her list just for me! Her favorites got me to thinking about all the things I've never done before in Paris...and all the things I can't wait to do again.


Never been on a Batobus, or sailed on the Seine at all for that matter. Love the idea of floating along rather than traveling below ground. 


Spending a morning in a Paris market never gets old...a little cheese...a little bread...a little charcuterie... did someone mention a picnic?


The major museums may have been exhausted--or be exhausting--but the list of smaller, more manageable collections seems to be never ending. The Musée Jacquemart-André has been high on my list for years --as much for the Tiepolo-ed ceilinged tea room as the sumptuous collection of French, Italian and Flemish art.


And the Musée de la Vie Romantique. While I spent a glorious fall day exploring the former residence of George Sand and stopped to smell the late roses in the October sun, tea service in the garden had stopped for the season... perhaps they'll be pouring again in May?

 Liane Ellis

 Liane Ellis

 Where would you like to stop and smell the roses this spring?


  1. ... Well, in Paris, bien sûr, and I will be there shortly ;-) Thank you for stopping by chez French Girl, Jeanne! Love this post. Some great advice, I think. "Smaller museums:" I am partial to the Musée Cluny (Museum of the Middle Ages) on the Left Bank. It sits on former Roman baths and the gardens must be lovely this time of year. I bet you are getting very excited! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Paris, hands down. I was there since I am a French teacher, and really, all of France is a great place to STOP AND SMELL THE AROMA of beauty.

    Jeanne, MERCI BEAUCOUP for coming to visit me from Karena's giveaway! I always enjoy meeting like-minded people and blogging has allowed that for me AND has served a very important role in my CAREER CHANGE! So you too? You too have made a move? I am actually very excited for the CREATIVE PROCESS. I know there will be tough times in the art and writing industry, but I think that the creative process itself and the TIME to do it will be so rewarding.

    I wish you well, and I thank you for your wonderful visit! Anita

  3. I LOVE doing every single thing on the list you posted, whoa! If you don't know the Muséee J-André you will be head over heels. And yes, you are just going to have to suck it up and feel like a tourist on the Batobus but it is SO worth it!! I have suggestions too but here is one of my favorite lists for Paris by photographer Carla Coulson:


    and as you are going with your honey:


    A twilight stroll through the Tuileries is my very favorite all-time most amazing Paris moment! It never ceases to make me dream, no matter how many times I have done it!


  4. just found your blog and love it!
    and the paris series can never grow old. i'll be back!

  5. I'm only dreaming that I could head to Paris this Spring, too!!!

    I didn't go to Musee Cluny, but a Francophile friend said it is one of the best museums.

    My best advice is just take it all in, stroll, forget the time and stop when you feel the impulse!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. oh boy, saving all of these spots for future visits. No way to bore me with your Paris posts, so excited for you

  7. Wow! I know that you are so ready to go! here images are so beautiful and so refreshing, Jeannie!!
    Happy Wednesday.

  8. PS. Just saw this:

    Good to have a great address for cheese! And while I am here, yes, the Cluny is interesting--I can imagine you loving the Unicorn tapestries. But my two favorite small museums are the Carnavalet (!) and not so small but I still can never get over the beauty of L'Orangerie.

  9. Hi Heather, Thanks so much - you can never have too much cheese! Love the Cluny Unicorn tapestries and L'Orangerie...there are no words. Went on my fist trip years and years ago, and then kept going back only to find it closed for what seemed like the better part of a decade... finally got to show it to my husband when we were briefly in Paris on our honeymoon. The Carnavalet is one that I never seem to be able to get to (skipped it for the Turner, Whister, Monet exhibit a few years back - my girlfriend who went loved it) maybe this trip! XO

  10. I am getting so excited for your trip through these posts! I don't have any great tips for you - I think you have it all covered! :) You know where I'll be smelling the roses this year - right here in Seattle!



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