Friday, April 20, 2012

All The Doors In Paris

Walking down a Paris street, I can't help but be fascinated by the doors...wondering what's behind their facades, what secrets they hold.

Some beckon you to knock (I'm always curious about who might answer)...

Others distract with their details.

So many different hues,  some vibrant, some cool...

Some subtle but strong.

You can't help but wonder what kind of life you would step into if you just pulled one open and wandered inside.

Today is my last day in my job.  Closing that door behind me feels a bit strange. But I know that there are as many possibilities ahead of me as there are doors in Paris.

Do you wonder what doors will open for you next? What lies behind them? What secrets they might reveal?

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope what ever doors you walk through this weekend, they lead to fun, adventure and beauty! XO


  1. I know that today will be bittersweet but you are doing the right thing.
    I am in love with these doors, Jeanne.
    Happy Friday!

  2. ....yes, and when one door closes, look for another door or an open window.
    smile and go confidently....

  3. Hello there. Actually I hadn't received the notification for this new post buy decided to pop over because I thought that today might be your last day and wanted to send my support. I hope that you have a moment to open a bottle of champers this weekend--not in celebration but to toast all that you have already done and to what lies ahead...

  4. Oh, I love this post.... love. love. love. I could have a room full of doors hanging everywhere... there is just something about them, can't explain it. Good luck to you in the future - how exciting. You are doing the right thing. Enjoy your weekend, dear. Jalon

  5. pve said it perfectly... and that is exactly what you will do... and we are all here for you friend... love you bunches... xoxo

  6. Jeanne,
    You must be just hours away from walking out that door. And, into a whole new, exciting world.

    I feel confident that many wonderful adventures and experiences await you. So, walk tall and have the time of your life!

    (Love the turquoise door the best!)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Oh Jeanne, I always think the same thing... what is life like behind those doors. They really have doors like no other city. Congratulations on your big step, you are on a great path, I am sure. You won something fun at Splendid Market, stop by to see! Have a great trip. xo ebh



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