Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paris Planning: Where Would You Stay?

Hi all! Hope you'll indulge me as I go with a bit of a Paris theme this week. I think half the fun of travel is in the planning. Square one? Where to sleep. Apartment or hotel? Last trip--a dreamy girls' escape in the middle of winter--we loved having a spacious apartment in the Marais. But this time, I'm looking for a little cafe-creme-in-bed, concierge-at-my-finger tips kind of pampering. So hotel, please. But which one? Let's start with location.  

 My illustration

Loved our stay on the Right Bank last time, but I'm a Left Bank kind of a girl and always feel most at home in St. Germain des Pres. With that little thumbtack on the map, I've managed to narrow the choices to four...

Here's where you come in. I'm wondering which of the four your would pick as your nest for a week in Paris?

The Hotel Recamier, a cozy little gem designed by John Louis Denoit, just off the Place San Sulpice:

The Christian Liagre-designed understated chic of the Hotel Montalembert, complete with sidewalk terrace for watching le tout de monde go by:

 A sweet pastel macaron box of a hotel, La Belle Juliette, designed by Anne Gelbard:

Or the gorgeous grande dame of the hotel de charme set, the verdant Relais Christine:

All are gorgeous -- is it any wonder why I can't seem to make up my mind?

Would love to hear where you'd prefer to unpack your bags and stay for a while!


  1. Having lived in Paris for four years and visited often, I have to say I've never been disappointed by the Relais Christine - that courtyard gets me every time! I do have a favorite bistro, too - Au Bon Acceuil in the 7th! So wish I could join you...

  2. Oh, the Recamier gets my vote. Remi used to live just off the Place St. Sulpice and it was my favorite neighborhood when we lived in Paris. To stroll those streets in the quiet of the evening when everyone has gone home is just heavenly. You would have Catherine Deneuve as a neighbor and to hang out with the locals at the Café de la Marie can't be beat.

    That said, the terrace suite at the Relais Christine would be tempting--imagine having a glass of wine outside for an apero before dinner!

  3. So hard to choose and certainly don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I was instantly in love with the Hotel Recamier - warm and charming!

  4. I vote for the Relais Christine. In fact, I will be hooking up with a Seattle girlfriend at the hotel next June (lucky me!) I can hardly wait. I agree with you, trip planning is *almost* the best part of the trip ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. I agree that planning is half the fun so thanks for letting me live vicariously! My choice would definitely be for #1 - at least from a design standpoint it looks really beautiful and something females could appreciate. :) Love your illustration by the way!

  6. Lucky you!!!All the hotels are incredible!!!Enjoy your trip!!xx

  7. Jeannie, they are all perfections. How to make a choice... I am going withHotel Recamier. SO lovely.
    Your map is gorgeous. This illustration in itself is delightful!
    Hotel Recamie

  8. Love hearing what those who really know Paris thought! Having said that, and the fact that we stayed in an apartment in St Germain 2 summers ago.....I have to put a plug in for the Recamier. Whether or not you stay there, they have the most magnificent Souffle restaurant which we enjoyed 2 of our 6 nights. We loved it that much!

    Oh, what a fun thing to be planning!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    ps; loved your comment about your wedding dress. I'll bet those cleaners got out the green, but what a cute story!

  9. I vote for Hotel Recamier--its literally steps away from Pierre Herme!!

  10. Love to stay at the Relais Christine. I would love to join you there with my sketchbook!

  11. Jeanne,
    I have stayed at many hotels in Paris and we also rented an apartment which was wonderful - it made me feel as if I were living only if I were
    as "petite" as those French ladies. I always feel like a giant there.



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