Friday, March 9, 2012

Love Seat

Happy Friday, friends! Thought I would end the week on a rosy note. Do you ever develop a color crush? A certain shade catches your eye, then suddenly you notice it wherever you go,  you can't get enough, you may be a little obsessed. My current color crush? Pink!  I see it everywhere--and want to bring a bit home.  

 My Illustration 

Like these pretty pink perches...
 Paris Apartment


 Canadian House and Home

 Home and Decor

 Apartment Therapy

 Rene Gruau

 Manuel Canovas

 The Coveteur

 This is Glamorous

 Belle Maison 

 House Beautiful

 Country Living (Pam's home)

Do you have a current color crush?

Hope there's a perfectly pretty place for you to kick back this weekend! XO


  1. I'm the daughter of an upholsterer and I was raised in his workshop so I can tell you I'm a huge fan of seats . I even collect them

  2. I'm the daughter of an upholsterer and I was raised in his workshop so I can tell you I'm a huge fan of seats . I even collect them

  3. Pink makes me happy too especially now that spring is beckoning! I adore your drawing....seriously Jeanne you must must do something with your talent, how about opening up an etsy store like so many do? I think you have such a talent and a wonderful eye!!

  4. I'm not a pink person but an orange person. Anything orange sends my heart racing.


  5. I have been thinking of Indian Ink blue--not very springlike, I know!

    Bon-weekend, Jeanne and please see Tina's comment as further proof that I am not alone!


  6. Tangerine and green are my crushes right now, but pink goes beautiful with orate so i am in luck.
    Love the images here, Jeanne, especially the pink chair with black.
    Have a happy weekend.

  7. Jeanne,
    You must google Ann Masburn and see her wonderful pink sofas- I love that they have a minimal look as well as softening things up!
    I am sending you an envelope today-

  8. I love pink when it's paired with a masculine color like chocolate brown. My daughter isn't a pink girl but she does have touches in her room including in a chair similar to those that you show here. It's such a sweet look. Right now I have a lot of neutrals - white, cream, black and linen shades - on my mind. Since we are laying the foundation of basic pieces for our new home I'm looking at a lot of those that I can add color to later. Happy Weekend Jeanne!

  9. fabulous, happy shades of pink. I love the rhubarby shades! Love seeing Pam's bedroom too!!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. you know i am a fan of pink... and a fan of yours... so listen to tina and friends...

    and thanks for the little look at my guest bedroom... oh how it has changed! i love seeing it this way again...

    see you soon!!! fun fun fun... xoxo

  11. We're definitely pink girls over here and it goes so well with green! Happy weekend, Jeanne!

  12. I adore pink! It always makes me happy!

  13. I love pink, especially the bright kind you featured in several photos here but lately I've been looking at blush, which is pretty subtle for me. I just treated myself to this really pretty blush colored loafers that I'm just dying to wear!

  14. I am not much of a pink girl but can appreciate all your pretty choices!!



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