Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In My Own Backyard

"Just living is not enough...one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." -Hans Christian Anderson.

The other day I was catching up on Snippet & Ink, one of my favorite blogs for wedding and event inspiration, when a gorgeous table design caught my eye - I loved the subtle, elegant neutrals touched with a playful pop of orange.

Instead of my usual quick scan of the photos, I slowed down to read and find out who was behind the florals. I was thrilled to discover that the talent behind the table was McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design - right here in my own backyard.

After two years of managing events for an Seattle-area angel investment firm, McKenzie Powell left to launch her own boutique floral & event design studio. "Raised amongst gardens and trained as a graphic designer" McKenzie's joy in flowers comes through in her work space and in her work.

Her philosophy from the age of 10: "Dinner tables are to be lovingly set, candles to be lit. A home (or an event) must be filled with beautiful things." I couldn't agree more, and would love to throw a bash just to work with her.

Photos from McKenzie Powell Flora & Event Design 
She designs for events big and small, does home decor and styling-- and will also deliver single arrangements in the Seattle or Bellevue area with 24 hours notice. (Hint, hint Mr. H.)

And if you live on the other side of the world her blog is full of beauty and inspiration.  Because one must have sunshine... and a little flower.


  1. Isn't it nice to discover someone with so much talent right in your own backyard? Her arrangements look like a painting!


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  3. So absolutely gorgeous--I agree with Debra, there is something very Old World about these arrangements without being the least bit stuffy. Beautiful.

    And I love hearing about talents in your part of the world--more please!

  4. I think you need to have a party, just to work with MacKenzie!!! How fortunate you are to have her talent in your own back yard.

    Thanks for the introduction!
    xoxo elizabeth

  5. love the top image...neutral with orange. And I think I see some air plants, just bought my first last week. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive

    Thank you for sharing, looking forward to exploring her site

  6. Jeanne-
    A diamond in the rough! Love her work. This cheered things up in my world.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  7. ALL so lovely!! I would be thrilled to work with someone of her talent as well!

  8. Sounds like somewhere I need to check out! She does beautiful work. Have a great day Jeanne!

  9. good to know. I love piles of citrus around the house this time of year, they are like bowls of sunshine. How brilliant to bring them to the wedding feast! Thanks for sharing!! xo ebh

  10. Jeanne, thank you for that sweet write-up! Glad to know of you too, and hopefully the day will come when we can put on our party-designing hats together!

  11. The first picture in this post looks like the table that I eat at with my family. Nice post and pictures.




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