Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wearing Spring

"Earth laughs in flowers." - Henry David Thoreau

Rain or shine, it's nearly impossible not to be happy with flowers in bloom everywhere one looks. My toes may be cold when I splash through puddles in my sandals, there may be a trench coat thrown over my dress, but thanks to the flowers, I know it's spring. There's a beautiful garden of blooms from the Vogue archive over at today reminding me that one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate spring is to wear it:

Are you wearing spring today?


  1. beautiful. I agree. I am always so anxious to pack away my boots and move into open toed shoes. But today? I don't know, it may be back to the boots!

  2. Emily, I'm getting ready to run out the door and I'm thinking the black tights and boots may have to be back-- at least for the day. Oh well! At least my toes are cherry blossom pink! Watch out for puddles!! XO

  3. OMG. So wet and rainy in lovely Seattle. My heart is in my spring shoes, but my feet voted for boots again - thought for a minute about wearing one of each - it's certainly how things feel around here right now!

    Rain, rain, go away...!

  4. Such pretty images, Jeanne. You know, women wore flowers in their hair frequently several decades ago, and I just love the look.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Beautiful photos :)Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  6. Oh my, no! I am still wearing black today and I feel like an idiot because it is so warm out that I saw a wee young un wearing Daisy Dukes and sandals! What on earth?! The answer clearly lies between us two.

  7. Yes when flowers start to bloom, I agree I find a little pep in my step and my smile a little more frequent...however I am hearing we might get, get this....a little SNOW this weekend!!! Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!

  8. Ahh...if only...we're heading into winter here without even having a real summer!



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