Monday, March 5, 2012

Early Bloomers

Happy Monday, everyone!

 My Illustration

It's hard not to be in a cheery Monday mood with pink blossoms starting to pop everywhere I look.

 House Beautiful 

House Beautiful


It may still be cold, but it feels like spring with clouds of pink and white starting to drift in our neighborhood.

 Cannelle et Vanille

And if spring had a flavor, it might taste like these Cherry Blossom Macarons from Cannelle et Vanille. You can find the recipe here.

 Cannelle et Vanille

So how's your Monday so far? Cheery like early spring blossoms, or would you prefer to grab a cherry blossom macacron, a cup of tea, and head back to bed?


  1. Taking my son to the airport as he heads to the Far East for nearly 3 weeks...wish it was me! I LOVE your illustration and can I tell you I would buy that if it came big (keep that in mind if you are considering anything along that line:)
    Wishing you a wonderful Monday!

  2. After a warmish weekend here, spring buds are showing their little heads every where... There's nothing so pretty as a cherry or apple tree in bloom. Your illustration is simply gorgeous and I agree with Tina, it should be available for purchase!

  3. Good morning!! I've already had a meeting at my sons' school this morning. And, the sun is out! Yippee!

    I adore cherry blossoms and want to get some for my blue and white ginger jars after seeing your beautiful illustration.

    Hope you're off to a great week, Jeanne!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. thank you for the pink eye candy this morning...and another cheerful painting, lovely

  5. Cherry blossom macacron kind of day so far with blowing winds, snow and 22 degrees out but I feel invigorated...for now, just hiked Dylan. I'm looking forward to spring rearing its head the end of the week...very exciting!

    Enjoy your Day!

  6. Beautiful illustration! It's another rainy cold day here in Seattle however I'm beginning to notice little buds on branches and flowers starting to pop up! Enjoy your Monday!


  7. Such a lovely post, Jeannie. Your painting is amazing. You have a great career ahead of you in that area!
    Happy to see the buds on the trees.
    Happy Monday.

  8. so pretty, I love quince blossoms!

  9. I agree - Jeanne, your artwork is incredible! I admire your talent so much. It's fun to see Spring trying to peek through in spite of the cold - it will make Seattle just get better and better for us over the next few months. :)

  10. Love your illustration. All is cherry blossoms here... having a great Monday.

  11. As always, I love your illustration, Jeanne! It is the essence of what we are all looking towards!

  12. Nothing I love better than the bloom of the Cherry makes me excited for Spring!!



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