Monday, March 26, 2012

Blue & White + Yellow

Spring finally arrived in Seattle over the weekend. The sun came out for a few moments, although it kept arm wrestling with the clouds. But best of all, the temperatures climbed out of the 30s and reached clear into the 50s. I know that doesn't sound like much, but we'll take it. And it's about time! For the past few weeks, I've been wanting to knit all the flowers sweaters or something.  You could positively see them shivering in the hail and snow flurries.

I celebrated by bringing spring into the house. Turns out, yellow plays beautifully with blue and white...

The rain may return,  but I'll take it over slush any day. You can bet that I'll be skipping into work with bare legs today. 

Did you and spring get to celebrate this weekend? Hope it was lovely!  XO


  1. I agree those yellow flowers do look beautiful against the blue and white. I'm loving the burst of spring on the blogsphere, we're heading into winter!

  2. Spring has sprung in NY too! Definitely puts me in a bright mood. Those flowers are gorge. XO

  3. Just beautiful, Jeanne. The yellow is gorgeous.
    I hope that your week is off to great start.

  4. Yellow is so sunny and wishing you a fresh start to a bright week ahead.

  5. Beautiful - yellow with blue and white is a classic!!

  6. Very cheerful, Jeanne. Thank you for these "happy" shots. Too bad the rain is back this morning, and tomorrow, and the following day... Sigh. Springtime in Seattle. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Our daffodils are finally blooming and after the 70-degree weather we had last week, we're all shivering this week with the "normal" spring temperatures! Hoping it will warm up by the weekend...

  8. I have to say, after seeing all your pretty blue and white and yellow this weekend, it's been haunting me...I keep wanting to do the same! So pretty - you did such a nice job!

    XOXO, C

  9. Jeanne ~ the daffs are wonderful. LOVE them in your blue and whites. I love the fragrance of daffodils, so fresh and subtle.

  10. Our spring returned to normal, dark, cold and wet but I brought spring inside with some tulips!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  11. I love the way you describe Spring in the northwest - how true. :) I went for some beautiful runs both days to enjoy the weather since you never know when it will turn wet again! Love the blue, white and yellow combo - so cheery and fresh - perfect for Spring!

  12. It's so ironic. It's felt like Spring and things are blooming then boom, winter has decided to give us one last blast. Brrrr.....

    Love blue and white but with your pop of yellow it positively glows!

    xoxo elizabeth

  13. Ooh, now I need to copy you and plant some daffodils in my ceramic pots! :)

    We had the most glorious Sunday!! I'll be posting about it soon--I am so behind right now. But it was just lovely.

    Have a great day!



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