Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Tell me, when a snow day comes along, what's on your agenda?

 Martha Stewart

 Are you the first one out to play?

 Martha Stewart

Do you peek out just a little to take in the wondrous white world around you?

Martha Stewart
Can you hardly wait to get out to build a snowman?

 Garance Dore
Or go for a long walk in the snow?

 This is Glamorous

Maybe staying snuggled in bed is more your style? 

 Country Living

Do you want nothing more than to relax by the fire?

Elegant Living

Would you rather stay warm under cozy throw?

Traditional Home

Or in a hot bath?

Seattle gets so few "we're not getting anywhere" snow days, but today's is supposed to be a record breaker. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I'd love to hear your recipe for a perfect day in the snow!


  1. These images so have me craving a big dose of the white stuff, you have no idea! But as my husband constantly reminds me, better to wait till after we move. It would stink to move in the snow. For me, its all about staying in my pj's, starting something on the stove or oven early so the smells permeate throughout the house, lighting a favorite candle, maybe catching up on reading, often will do some kind of organization in the house, of course lots of time on my comp, catch up on some TV, and definitely watch a great movie ( I normally choose an old favorite) and that right there is my perfect snow day. Enjoy it!

  2. It's business as usual when the snow hits Munich, but when we're in Seattle I think I'd choose what Tina described! However her kids are older. :) I think I'd head out in the snow for some snow man building - I also love seeing my black lab romp in the snow - it's adorable!

  3. Sooo jealous - we've had a so little of the white stuff this year that the kiddies are wondering if they'll get any snow days! We are ones to don the boots and have some fun!

  4. Get yourself on Pinterest and set up your boards.... it's the perfect snow day activity.

  5. I love the idea of going for a nice walk to really take it all in and then spending to rest of the day cozy inside. On my list would be baking scones and drinking tea in the morning, getting some fun projects done in the house, and then, enjoying an excellent glass of wine... or two by the fire. so wish i was doing that today. beautiful post...

  6. Terrific snow day agendas, all! Thank you. It's really coming down and there's plenty of wind gusts, too, so I think staying in PJs sounds best for now - I'm sipping my coffee, eating homemade (not by me) biscotti and watching the flakes fly. Beautiful! But later in the day I might have to venture out for a walk that ends in a warm bowl of Boeuf Bourguignon made by a friend who lives near by! Seattle friends, hope you are enjoying the snow. Those who are missing the flakes, I hope you get your share (not too much, though) before the season ends! XO

  7. lovely picture, sooo sweet, following you.

  8. When my daughter was younger, we loved getting together with neighbors and their children at the first sign of a snowflake and had chili and went sledding on the golf course. Now, I get really excited with a warm cup of coffee or tea, to watch out the window...must be getting old!!

  9. Lucky you! Every time I see beautiful images I wish I could be where is so cold.
    These images are beautiful, Jeanne.

  10. Jeanne,
    I was thinking of you this morning, as I watched the news and all the snow hitting your area!!!

    I must admit, I light a fire and snuggle up with some great magazines and a cup of coffee - or later in the day, a glass of wine.

    I have a dear friend who lives up the hill and we usually hook up at one of our homes for some morning and afternoon chat by the fire.

    Can't believe we haven't had a single snow day yet. (Better watch what I wish for). I hope you were able to snuggle up at home and enjoy some extra hours to yourself!

    How DID you spend the day?
    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. Hi Elizabeth, Yes, it does seem like your part of the world and Seattle have somehow switched climates! I remembering being in New York City this time last year, barely getting a flight out between snow storms! I hope you get a little white, but not too much. I did spend most of the day in my PJs, did a some work because it's impossible to totally disconnect in the age of the iPhone and then walked to a friend's for a little company, wine and a lovely dinner! The perfect snow day I think! XO



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