Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow White

Snowshoeing is one of my favorite ways to spend a winter weekend. It's almost meditative -- the crunch, crunch, crunch beneath my feet while I gaze at a fresh canvas of newly fallen snow.

It typically turns my mind into a blank slate. But last weekend,  I admit I found myself lost in thought about how difficult it's been to find just the right white fabric for living room window treatments!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

This Is Glamorous 

There are just so many shades of beautiful winter white to choose from...

  Elle Decor

Garance Dore

House Beautiful

Chateau de Moissac

Stockholm Street Style

Cutest Food

Architectural Digest

Belgian Pearls

Elle Decor

The Finch 

T-Style Magazine


Architectural Digest

Elle Decor

Chateau  de Moissac


Soft white. Snow white. Marshmallow white. Glamorous white. Fuzzy white. Candlelight white.

What's your favorite shade?


  1. What lovely, inspiring images! That second one looks like it could be at a palace here in Munich - it's breathtaking in the snow. I'm a big fan of winter white for curtains, myself...:) I posted about my news today so take a look if you have time today...maybe we can chat via email after. :)

  2. What a dreamy post!! I loooove winter white, one of my favorite colors in both decor and clothing. Everything looks so chic in winter white. I almost forgot what snow looks like, speaking of winter white. I WANT SOME!
    Good luck on your fabric hunt:)

  3. from your pics I love the Chateau, Belgian and Elle Decor ... warm. But I love outdoor snow landscapes too...

    the bathtime team x
    (we have linky parties)

  4. Beautiful gallery-- with much diversity, but one main theme: white. Well done. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Hi Jeanne, I just got your totally sweet comment! I went to your blog to get your email address but I didn't find one? Can you please email me when you get a minute? Thanks! :)

  6. My new master bedroom is Moonlight white and I love it. The curtains are a lovely wintery white, a heavy cream. I debated over cream or flax.
    Cream seems so timeless and does remind me of a fresh coat.

  7. Beautiful post this morning!!! I love white, winter white, marshmellow white......and snow showing. No snow here I might have to wait until we get to Colorado!

    Have a dreamy day!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. love these images!!! I'm in the mood for some snowy white too!

  9. Beautiful images here. I want snow so much!
    White is a difficult choice, so I suggest getting several and painting swatches on the wall. Then just sand a little and use your favorite color.

  10. These images are gorgeous and there is nothing I love more than winter whites in home decor and clothing. I love to snow ski, but have never been snowshoeing but think it sounds wonderful!!

  11. OMG these pictures are insanely gorgeous! I love those cupcakes! Winter white is so pristine...thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Another beautiful post, Jeanne. We lucked out on finding ivory curtain panels that actually are long enough for our new apartment at...are you ready for this? Ikea. And I am sorry but they are gorgeous. Woven with pure Indian cotton with an attached cotton voile behind. And the best part? They were only 10€ the pair! I usually change to velvet for winter but am loving the peacefulness of the light tones.

    Good luck finding yours! And how jealous I am of your snow!!

  13. you know me and white..
    love them all... gorgeous post... xx



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