Friday, January 13, 2012

Lost In A Good Book

Friday already? Thank goodness! What do you have planned? Here in Seattle, the temperatures are dropping-- there's even a chance of snow in the city on Sunday. Which makes me just want to cozy up and get lost in a good book!

 Belgian Pearls 

 Robbie Caponetto for Cottage Living

This is Glamorous

Are you reading anything good right now? What's the last book you got completely lost in? 

Have a cozy weekend, everyone! 


  1. A cozy weekend with a good book is always my the first image!! Have a great weekend ~

  2. What a great post. In my blog's this month, I offer a 30 day Clutter-Free Challenge and yesterday challenge was organizing your books! How appropriate. Since I looked through my books yesterday, I think I will start a new one this weekend - don't know what yet. Thanks for the idea.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Temps are dropping here and snow is anticipated!
    My sons gave me a kindle and I love it....reading Hare with the amber eye now - love it.
    cozy weekend to you -

  4. I just love to see books on ottomans and chairs! Lucky you if it snows. It is cool (28) here finally, but no snow even in my dreams.
    Have fun reading.

  5. i've got a really good one i am reading... a gift from a dear friend.. xoxo

  6. J - I highly recommend The Night Circus as a winter read. It takes you to a new world... and selfishly I would love to see your illustrations and inspiration photos. Pure magic.

  7. I love the winter for that - more time to read! Sunday afternoons in front of a fire, perfect.

  8. My perfect ideal weekend is one where its madly snowing outside, too much so that we are "stuck inside" and having an amazing book to keep me busy. That is the perfect weekend (and oh yea having some amazing comfort food baking in the oven of course)
    Last book I read that was a fun easy read was "bringing home the birkin" enjoyed it and the last slightly more serious book I read was Catherine the Great and I have to say it was really fascinating and so interesting.....enjoy your weekend, if you get snow put it on the record, I am very jealous:)

  9. Ooh, yes, absolutely a perfect weekend. I just finished Richard Russo's "Bridge of Sighs" last evening--all 700 pages of it. Whew. I think that "Freedom" by Jonathan Frazen is next...?

    Bon Weekend Jeanne!

  10. Reading Juliet right now - a modern day Romeo and Juliet and thoroughly satisfying! Plan to cozy up to the fire tonight and finish it.

  11. My idea of heaven - I always told my kids that once you know how to read you can't ever say you're bored!!

  12. Lovely blog!

  13. Juts found your lovely blog all the way from Spain (altho' I am a Brit). Ooooh! my perfect weekend is a cosy weekend with great food, crackling fire and great books.
    Gorgeous blog x

  14. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! I just ordered some new books for our trip - Cutting for Stone & The Paris Wife - both of which were recommended. Here's a fun idea - if you haven't already read them I can loan them to you when I see you! :) Looking forward to it. Here is a link to a few of my favorite destination reads too if you're interested:



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