Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All In The Details

The prospect of facing reality today after a blissful holiday break had me dreaming of sunshine and citrus, and pouring over photos from our recent Spanish escape.

I think what charmed me most about Spain were the details... the little bits of magic wherever the eye rested. 

From intricate iron work hidden just around the corner on a humble street in Seville...

To the slightly spooky glances that followed wherever we went...

And the beauty that waited for us to just look up...

The tile work at the Alcazar and Alhambra especially caught my eye...

And seemed to be repeated in Guadi's mosaics in Barcelona.

Don't you think it's the littlest of details that make life magical... whether you're in Seville or Seattle, Barcelona or Bloomington, Grenada or Greenwich?

What are the best details in your day?


  1. Oh yes I do! I love these pictures and think the middle eastern influences and rich vibrant colors are what makes the Spanish architecture so interesting....love it!! I am dreaming of a vacation myself, its freeeezing here today and I am craving warm tropical weather, ANYWHERE!

  2. What a beautiful post (and I especially love the title!).
    All these gorgeous colors awaken the creative juices & taste buds....
    Thank you so much for sharing....

  3. I do, Jeannie.
    These images are beautiful. The gate is perfection.
    Have anise week.

  4. Not many countries can rival Spain when one dreams of bright, cheerful colors and sun! Just what the doctor prescribed to forget the grey, damp, Seattle weather. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Jeanne ~ thank you for this. Kids just went back to school and I am lost in transition...how nice to have a little peek of Spain to help.

    I SO agree, it is the little details that are so special, the Spanish, it seems to me, somehow have paid more attention to the details than anyone.

    I scrolled through a few times just to take it all in. The Mosaic with the tan sunburst and navy arabic is just beautiful. Gracias!

  6. Yes, Jeanne, another thing we have in common. Looking for the beauty in the details whether it is in your own home or the other side of the world. It makes my engine run! Beautiful post, merci.

  7. I'm all about life's little details too, thanks for sharing these here!

  8. Love these photos and absolutely love Spain! Wishing you a lovely New Year! xxBarbara



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