Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comfort Food

Well, hi there! It's been awhile. I've been quiet for longer than intended because of a rather violent cold bug that followed me home from Mexico, confining me to the couch for several days.

Simple Images

I usually just try to power through, but this one got me really good! I lost my taste for pretty much everything except toast, tea, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

 Kristen Shiffman Photography 

 But I do find that when I'm under the weather, taking tea in my favorite handmade mug from Red Ticking and the toast on a pretty Blue Willow ware plate makes things a bit more cheerful.

Frog Hollow Farms

And indulging in a jar of plum and nectarine preserves from Frog Hollow Farms that has been waiting in the pantry for a special occasion also went a long way toward raising my spirits -- they make the best jam ever, really!

Canadian House and Home

I have to admit, there has been many a workday morning where I've longed to just stay in bed with a cup of tea and a good read, but the truth is, it gets old after awhile. 

I made it through all 300 minutes of the BBC Pride and Prejudice...

And every single Audrey Hepburn movie in our collection.

Devoured both books in The Carrie Diaries series....

Because when you feel rotten, it's nice to have old friends like Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy around for comfort.

Southern Accents

The bouquet of pretty pink peonies from Mr. H., and another from my dear friend Christina, brightened things up considerably! And being profiled on my friend Amy's blog also cheered me right up! So nice. 

What's your favorite "comfort food" when you're feeling less than 100%? 

Happy almost June, my friends! I'm so happy to be back on my feet again. I hope you have a wonderful week! XO

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adiós Amigos!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week. I'm heading here...

To see this guy get married....

If anyone needs me, I'll be lounging by the pool wearing this...

Did I mention it's 86 degrees? I'm ready for some sun! Hope it shines where ever you are.

See you next week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everything's Going To Be All White

Did I say that leopard is my favorite color? That may have been a slight exaggeration. When it comes to home and interiors, I definitely favor crisp, clean, peaceful white--it's the perfect backdrop to showcase blueandwhite or pops of red on little vintage French bowls, like the ones that have followed me home from the Paris flea markets over the years. 

Before I met Mr. H., my nest was a sweet little cottage a few blocks up the hill from where we live today. It was cute when I bought it, but needed a bit of love. So I enlisted my friend Dana and gave it a refresh in a palate of soft whites.

I met Mr. H. just as we started the kitchen renovation. A few months later, we were engaged, then married, and then the sweet little cottage felt a little cramped. So we moved down the hill and started over -- updating our new home with many of the same materials that I loved in the old. I miss that little cottage, but it's like I brought a little bit of it's spirit down the hill with me.

What about you? Are their colors and materials you like to work with over and over? Or are you always looking for something new?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stopping To Smell The Lilacs

Well, hello! I've missed chatting with everyone. Funnily enough, last week's Blogger outage coincided with a bit of a creative blackout in my own little brain. So I took a hint from the Universe and gave myself a timeout to rest, recharge and take a few deep breaths.

 Martha Stewart
And as I inhaled I was rewarded with the sweet smell of spring. The lilacs are in bloom all over our neighborhood, and when I took the time to take a walk, the air was spiked with their lovely velvet purpleness.

 Elle Decor

Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, they remind me of my Grandmother, who had hedgerows of them circling her home and always brought me a huge bouquet every year on my birthday.

Carolyne Roehm 

I can't get enough, really. They speak of spring and lengthening May days to me. I wish I could live in a lilac-tinted world and be wrapped in their deep purple fragrance from head...

Brian Atwood

To toe. 

Girl's Guide To Paris 


 Elle Decor 

Mary Cassatt "Lilacs in the Window"

House Beautiful 


Martha Stewart

Elle Decor

Martha Stewart

My Illustration

Claude Monet "Lilacs Grey Weather"

House Beautiful

Victoria Magazine

 Victoria Magazine

 My Illustration

Where do you look when you need a charge to your creative batteries? It seems to me that nothing inspires more than a little natural beauty. What do you think?

 Victoria Magazine

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you have a beautifully inspired week. And if you crave another hit of lovely purple, please hop over to visit Sue at The Zhush. She always celebrates Monday with the perfect pop. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dressing To Match The Yachts

"This hotel is flawlessly kept, and there is a different dress code here. One has to dress to match the yachts."

Or so Karl Lagerfeld described the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes to Vogue.com's Sarah Moyer after the 2012 Chanel Resort collection walked at the hotel against a back drop of the sparkling Mediterranean sea. "It's beautiful here, no?"

Who's going to argue with Karl? No matter what the dress code, I'd be happy to stop by for a glass of champagne. 

Images from the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc

And if you aren't quite sure what one wears when one must dress to match the yachts, the collection yielded some lovely suggestions.



Karl is nothing if not in touch with the zeitgeist, but I'm not sure how he anticipated what The Queen would wear to the Royal Wedding. Looks like HRH has started a trend. 

 Images from Chanel.com
Just add a yellow hat. 

  Image from Getty

  Image from Vogue.com

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ponder what my drink order will be as I sit and watch the sun set over the Medditerranean. 

Image from the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc

Pretty dreamy, no?


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