Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue Monday

Just a little blue and white to get your week off to a pretty start.

 Image from Veranda

 Image from Martha Stewart

 Image from Martha Stewart

 Jason Wu (Image from

 Image from Southern Accents

  Hermes (Image from

Image from Martha Stewart

Image from Martha Stewart

Image from Southern Accents

Image from 

Have a beautiful week, my friends. I hope the only blues in your week are beautiful blue skies.

Friday, January 28, 2011

To Do List

Hi friends, happy Friday! What's on your to do list this weekend? Mine is pretty long....

Image from David Austin Roses

1) Stop and smell the roses! The month of January just flew by. Can you believe it's pretty much over? Before I say good bye to the first month of the year, I want to slow down a bit and enjoy the little things...which leads us too... 

  Image from

2) Spend some quality time in my pajamas, Vogue, a good book.... I have a important date to keep with my couch.

Image from Downton

3) Watch all 386 minutes of Downton Abbey--I haven't been able to keep up with it on PBS, so I ordered it from Amazon. Three discs of eye candy and the fantastic wit of Violet the Dowager Countess. (Maggie Smith has all the best lines!)

Images from Matchbook

4) Peruse Matchbook from cover to cover--wait, can you read an E-zine from cover to cover? Whatever. Issue #1 looks fabulous, like a weekend girl's trip with some very chic and stylish friends--Lela Rose, Jemma Kidd, Rita Konig, just for starters. Bravo to chic and charming blogger Katie Armour and friends Jane Lilly Warren and Fallon Hogerty for launching such a stylish read.

Painting in Tuscany 

5) Paint. My brushes have cobwebs. I love to send hand painted thank you notes, and have fallen horribly behind in my correspondence.

Image from

6) Light a candle. Flickering candlelight slows every thing down a bit, and don't these Kunzel + Deygas Roseros candles from Diptyque look delicious? Perfect for a...

Image from House Beautiful

7) Soak in the tub--our master bath is lovely, but there never seems to be time for a nice long bath...I'll be remedying that this weekend.

I'm sure I could find three more things to round out the list to a perfect 10, but I don't want to be an overachiever, right? What's on your list? Whether it's relaxing or jam-packed, I hope it's a happy one!

See you Monday. XO

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Work Of Art

Until this week, I didn't know that Dior's John Galliano studied to be a fashion illustrator and had even signed a contract for illustration work in Manhattan before his career took a different turn. How fitting then, that his couture show this week saluted René Gruau, the artist whose iconic illustrations in the 1940s and 50s helped create the visual language we still associate with the legendary house.

I'm taken back to a different time just looking at them--they conjure dreams of Paris, strolling down the Champs Élysées, window shopping on the Rue de La Paix, sipping cocktails at the Ritz, and falling in love.

Galliano's stunning show does the same--it sends me to a time before prêt-à-porter, when couture meant "Haute Couture" and there was nothing "Juicy" about it.

All Dior Haute Coutre photos from

Takes my breath. To me it speaks to the joy creating beauty for beauty's sake. It will be interesting to see how Galliano's dreamy vision translates to reality when the ready-to-wear show walks in Paris this March...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The One That Got Away

Years ago, before I met Mr. Hartmann and lived by myself in a sweet little cottage up the street, I fell in head over heels in love with a French...

Image from Suzanne Kasler
...desk. At (where else?) Red Ticking. I passed it up because it just didn't fit anywhere in my little house. When I came across this image of a dead ringer for that sweet desk, I started kicking myself all over again. How could I have let it get away? It would be perfect in our master bedroom. It's like the impractical pair of shoes that don't match anything in your closet. You buy them anyway and just admire them until you can build an outfit around them, right?

There's always space for  perfect piece like this. Pam, if you ever find another, please let me know.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Having A Ball

A big "to do" on my list this week is sorting out our attire for a Masquerade Ball we'll be attending in a couple weeks. A fundraiser in the home of one of my favorite hostesses, it's sure to be a ball indeed--but what to wear?

I've been gathering up a few points of inspiration, starting with Truman Capote's Black & White Ball...

A bit of 60s black and white retro-ish chic could be fabulous, no?

 ODLR would be perfect... 

 Or what about this Marchesa? 

 Perfect with some fine-feathered Manolo friends

Or perhaps a little Marie Antoinette Versailles-style glamor...

Oscar would make me feel like a Queen...

So would Dior Couture

Musn't forget Carine Roitfeld's Bal de Masque, mais bien sûr...

Sexy-chic could be just the thing...

Great L'Wren Scot

Or Chanel

What about... 


...a show-stopper à la Anna dello Russo!


 Or McQueen!

On second thought, Anna didn't look very comfortable, and even if I could pull it off... the reality is that I'll be digging in the depths of my closet, not shopping for a new gown...

So I need a look that's simple and only needs just a little something. I'm thinking Audrey... How to Steal a Million

 A sexy mask, a Little Black Dress, a little or a lot of lace... 

 Collette Dinnigan


Racy-lacy Jimmy Choo could be the perfect finishing touch 

Sounds just about right... what do you think? What would you wear if you were in my shoes?


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