Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pining For Christmas

I'm all for the dazzle, the spark and the shine of Christmas. Holiday lights twinkling everywhere. The glimmer of ornaments hanging from the tree. Crystal glistening on a well-set holiday table. But yesterday, the prettiest bit of sparkle came from the simplest of decorations:

The pine cones resting in the urns in front of our house were iced with frost that lit up with the morning sun. I had to stop and snap a picture as I raced off to work. And it set the tone for the rest of the day:

In the hustle and bustle, stop, focus and keep it simple. Don't get distracted by shiny things.

Canadian House and Home

Martha Stewart
Country Living

Atlanta Homes

Country Living

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful.

Country Living

What your favorite simple pleasure of the season?


  1. I so share your love of pinecones. I buy bags and bags of them little and big...they are so pretty! Love them used abundantly in wreaths and garland, and painted silver or gold, they are stunning! love this from your fellow pinecone fan:)

  2. I agree too - inspiration from nature are always a good idea and with frost - even better!

  3. Love natural decorations as well!! My favorite part of the season is having everyone home, enjoying meals and time together - it doesn't happen all too often any more!!

  4. Beautiful post! I added you to my blogroll so I wouldn't miss anything :).



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