Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Dreaming Of A Paris Christmas

Happy Tuesday, all. December is flying by faster than Santa and his eight tiny reindeer, don't you think? How is your Christmas shopping coming along? Almost done? Not even started? I'm making progress, but I have to say, it's my friend Liane who has the right idea for taking care of her Christmas list:

A few years ago, Liane gave herself the gift of a trip to Paris just before Christmas - the perfect venue to take care of that last-minute shopping.  It's now an annual event!

Next year, I think we should pack our bags and join the lovely Liane on her shopping adventure.

Can you imagine the window gazing we could do? The beauty we would see?

What gifts would you buy if you were on a Paris spree?

Or would Paris at Christmastime...

 All photos from Liane Ellis

...Be a gift in itself?


  1. Absolutely. We did it again just last year... and there was snow, and quite a bit of it too. This year will be a Seattle Christmas, since my mother in law is visiting us. So, you're right, I guess I will be dreaming of a Paris Christmas too ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Paris is a gift anytime at all, but at Christmastime, so beautiful!! I am usually in France in spirit if not in person!



  3. I wouldn't want anything else! Paris anytime of year... a dream.



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