Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Cozy Nook

Wouldn't it be dreamy...

Southern Living curl up in one of these cozy nooks for a little heavenly peace?

Traditional Home

Perhaps with a good book... a cup of tea or a glass of wine?

Here's my own little cozy nook, decked out for the holidays. We've added some window coverings and Pam at Red Ticking found the perfect piece of vintage linen to spruce up the table. I'm looking forward to a spending few quiet moments as the week winds down.

Where's your favorite spot to curl up?


  1. Your nook is so pretty! Right now our family room couch is a nice spot with a beautiful view of the yard (with snow right now) but in our next home I hope we have a nice little built-in nook - we'll see how that works out...fingers crossed. Thanks so much for your nice comments about my guest post yesterday! :)

  2. I would love to curl up in your cozy nook. My favorite spot is in front of the fire curled up with our sweet dog and I have been known to curl off to sleep!

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  4. Yes it would! That first image is so cozy and I could see enjoying an intimate meal in that last image....all beautiful. I love cozy spaces more and more as I get older and crave being in one with a soft cozy robe, a great book and no disturbances!!!!!

  5. Oh, Jeanne, the nook is beautiful.
    Hope that you are having a wonderful week.

  6. Your nook is so 'dreamy'... all curled up on that lovely sofa and sipping hot cocoa! What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter's day! Love it...
    Thank you for sharing

  7. I love your nook! Thanks for the girl-time in it last night - it was perfect. Warm and beautiful...just like you!



  8. Ooh, you would have to pry me out of your nook with a forklift I think. It wouldn't be pretty! :O I could probably spend a day on that couch from lots of coffee in the morning then reading then amazingly someone brings in lunch, then time to read a bit more, look outside a bit, I'm sleepy so a long nap and then it is time for the apero which lasts for a while so then it is time for dinner! Heehee. Ok, I am being silly but it really is gorgeous.

  9. these are all so beautiful. I love yours with the loveseat... very cozy!



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